Life is in the detail

Be sure to sneak a kiss on the lips from the friendly resident Giant Potato Cod at Neptune's Arm (Vamizi, Mozambique).

Charlie - Original Diver

Charlie Everitt

Original Travel Expert

I have extensive travel experience throughout Far East, Indian Ocean, Africa and Middle East.

My travels

Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Visit as many of the weird and wonderful Islands on our Planet Earth as possible - starting with the Galapagos Islands
  • Dive with Great Whites (No Cage)
  • Visit Cuba, before Fidel Castro dies.
  • Parachute over the barrier reef. In an ideal world - wearing my scuba gear so I can land in the sea and go straight into a shallow dive
  • Conquer my fear of snakes - water snakes in particular

Best Moments

  • Conducting a safety stop at the end of an amazing Night Dive in the Red Sea with a Whale Shark swallowing enormous mouthfuls of Plankton - only centimetres from my group of shocked divers.
  • Celebrating the general manager of Vamizi Lodge's Stag-Do on a Sand Bar in the middle of the Indian Ocean. After copious cans of Laurentina, an unnecessary amount of Boerewors sausage and the stag setting off a red smoke flare from his derriére, we just about managed to carry the Briar and ourselves back to the boat before being buried with the little patch of sand by the incoming tide.
  • Hiking the Western Himalayas for Charity.

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Coming Home

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Swinging outside a moving train in India to cool down, remarking to self how refreshing the frequent blasts off water coming from somewhere outside were; consequently realising the moisture cooling my face was in fact coming from underneath the toilet carriages.....
  • Having to part with a Remora that kindly attached itself to my wetsuit. Tricky business.
  • Whilst trekking in the Sinai Desert, coming across a very 'aromatic' plantation in a low lying oasis that was heavily guarded by Bedouins carrying AK47's.

Explore my blog posts

View of a Caribbean Beach

Island Hopping in the Caribbean

My most recent research trip took me back to the Caribbean to check out a few more of the beautiful hotels and resorts we work with and, most importantly, to discover whether there was any diving worth reporting home about. Oh, it's a tough life…

A Diving Adventure in Socorro: Part II

We reached Socorro Island having done some truly amazing dives, encountering giant mantas, white tip reef sharks and dolphins along the way. The great diving continued and we had much better visibility at 'The Point', a honeycomb lava tube running from high on the mainland far out to sea.…

A Diving Adventure in Socorro: Part I

In the heavily depleted ocean that covers a mere 71% of our globe there is always a momentous sigh of relief to be felt when you visit somewhere that lives up to its reputation. I recently visited the Revillagigedo Islands with the intention of experiencing some of the magic these islands…

Diving in Dominica; the Caribbean's Last Hidden Gem

Having never visited the Caribbean, I was excited to be travelling to Dominica. Not fully knowing what to expect I began my journey with an open mind - perhaps somewhat influenced by a general stereotype of Caribbean diving: wrecks, sharks and sandy bottoms…

The Dive of my Life

My most memorable dive - I was 18 at the time; I had just finished my PADI Divemaster apprenticeship and was starting work as a diveguide. I soon found myself developing the confidence and skills needed to lead dives myself.

Taking it easy; life on Vamizi

Half-way through reading my degree in Law at Newcastle University, tired and distracted, seriously deficient of Vitamin D and in need of an adventure: I decided to find an exotic destination to spend my summer and remedy my withdrawals from travel. Equipped with my PADI Divemaster…

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