Djibouti Diving Holidays: An Overview

'Where on earth is Djibouti?' we hear you ask. If we were to give you a hint, we might talk about its neighbours: Eritrea to the North West; Yemen to the North East, Somalia to the South East and Ethiopia pretty much surrounding the rest. Looking at that list you might question our commitment to the safety of our clients but that would be to overlook one very muscular, very heavily armed, and very visible factor - the presence of the US military's Horn of Africa Combined Joint Task Force - which is based in the country. Quite simply, you don't mess with Djibouti.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • One of the top spots for whale sharks at the right time of year.
  • The solidified lava chimneys at the salt lake Lac Abbe are as extraordinary to see as their name suggests.
  • Despite being considered a relatively unknown holiday destination, it's very safe - the US military's Horn of Africa Combined Joint Task Force is based in the country.

Our Guide to Djibouti Diving Holidays

Spanning just 8,800 square miles Djibouti may be tiny, but even then it has one of Africa's lowest population densities. It becomes plainly obvious why that might be once you spend any time here - much of the country consists of bleak (but extremely beautiful) desert scenery that is so otherworldly that it has doubled up for alien planets in a number of movies.

There is much to commend this little known country, not least the sparsely populated and beautiful landscape, but for lovers of the water, the biggest draw is without a doubt the virtually guaranteed whale sharks that can be found here between October and February each year.

As a destination in and of itself, diving in Djibouti is worth considering but combine with a visit to Ethiopia and you have the makings of a stunning and adventurous holiday.

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