This was my first visit to Central America and to a country I have always wanted to visit, so my expectations for Mexico were high. I wasn't disappointed, far from it. With 10 days packed with transfers, site inspections, meetings and dives, I knew it would be busy but I also knew I would have an unforgettable time and here I share some of my highlights of the best diving in Mexico.

Playa del Carmen

Playa is a fairly new town, very popular with young people for the very good reason that it has pumping night life. For me there were two main draws. The first was the bull sharks coming every year around February - which unfortunately I missed as I was there in May but I hear is an amazing experience. The second is Esencia and this one I did see. Esencia is a hotel about 10 km south of Playa where I had the chance to spend some time. It used to be a house but the owners have decided to change it into a stunning hotel and have built a number of extra villas. What they have done is mind-blowing. Even if the decoration is not overly luxurious, everything is perfect (at least for me) and during my short stay, I felt like it was my own house in the Caribbean, which was rather enjoyable!


Another highlight was Tulum. I have heard many things about this place and before I got there, I knew it would be like marmite, you'd love it or you'd hate it. Well... I hate marmite but I loved Tulum! There is something very special about it. OK it is expensive. OK the laid back attitude of the staff in the hotels and restaurants can be a bit frustrating but that is exactly what Tulum is all about. No matter who you are, this is how things work there, so just enjoy the rich variety of people here, from backpackers to famous stars and above all, enjoy the amazing beach.


Only 40 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, this pretty little island hosts, in my opinion, the best diving on the Caribbean side of Mexico. The crystal clear waters of Cozumel offer an incredible amount of swim through, caves and overhangs, which is what the island is famous for. The reefs are not only beautiful, they are also very healthy and covered with soft and hard corals.


I have always loved cave diving and for this reason the cenotes in the Riviera Maya have been on my bucket list for a very long time so I was understandably excited as I was making my way deep into the jungle with my diving gear to reach one of the most famous sites -Angelita. Very different from the other cenotes, Angelita is well known for the thick sulphur cloud you have to go through before finding yourself in a water so clear that it really feels like you are floating in the air. The branches at the bottom with a few leaves hovering in mid water confuse all your senses and make the entire experience feel like a nice walk in the forest rather than a proper dive. It truly is an amazing and unusual feeling!

Have you been to Mexico? If so, post a comment and tell us about it? If you want to go diving in Mexico, get in touch!