Having dived a few times in the Mediterranean, I have never been particularly impressed. So it was with a mixture of excitement and a small dose of pessimism that I travelled to the tiny island of Gozo next to Malta. I had heard great things and wanted to find out for myself.

So, after work on Thursday I made my way to Heathrow to catch a delayed flight to Malta. The delay meant I missed my ferry from Malta to Gozo and I didn't arrive at my hotel until 5am. Not a great start to the trip considering I had to be up at 8.30am to go diving.

All was forgotten when I got into the water for the first dive; a wreck called MV Karwela that lies in around 40m of water off the south coast of Gozo. We had originally tried to get to Dwejra to dive the Inland Sea and Blue Hole, two of Gozo's most famous sites but work on the roads stopped us. Again, this didn't matter as we descended down to the Karwela with 40m visibility and not a diver in sight. After several minutes exploring the wreck we came up to about 10m where we spent a while playing with some very friendly cuttlefish.

Next up was a dive in Xlendi Bay where I got to sample another Gozitan speciality, cave diving. Again, it didn't disappoint as the underwater scenery was stunning.

When I wasn't diving I spent my time checking out farmhouses and hotels that Dive in Style clients might like. I found some fantastic properties suitable for people whether they want a bit of 5-star pampering, or a secluded break in a private villa for families and friends. I think families in particular would like this trip as it's easy to get to and the parents can dump the kids with a babysitter while they go out diving.

Great diving, three hours flight from the UK, accommodation to suit most tastes and great food (I particularly liked the Gozitan speciality of deep fried goat's cheese) make this a fabulous little island. Add to this almost guaranteed sunshine and warmth from April to November and we think Gozo is the best diving in the Mediterranean. I shall return!