In short, the idea is small groups, big experiences. Our Expert-Led Journeys are a range of trips to diverse diving destinations around our extraordinary planet, each of which is an opportunity to experience a dive, marine life or natural phenomenon in the company of an expert who can bring it vividly to life. The idea is to offer mind-blowing underwater experiences that simply won't fit the mould of our multi-award winning, tailor-made trips.

All of the trips have two common themes: the experts and, of course, originality. Just as the experts are a diverse and distinctly different bunch, so are the Expert-Led Journeys themselves. Some broaden the mind, some push the body to its physical limits and some are all about immersion in unfamiliar cultures… sometimes all at the same time.

We are starting small at Original Diving by launching two trips now with many more to come. But through Original Travel, we can offer a range of amazing trips on land too and you can see the full range here.

Here is a little information about the two diving trips we are currently offering:

What are Expert-Led Journeys we hear you ask?

Expert-Led Journey: Predators and the Sardine Run with Mark Addison

The fabled sardine run, where vast shoals of sardines are pursued along south Africa's rugged KwaZulu natal coastline by a host of predators has been called 'the ultimate underwater wildlife experience', but our trip goes several better, combining an exclusive luxury camp on the wild coast for the sardine run with time in and around Cape town diving with great whites, seven gills, makos, blues and even fur seals.

Expert-Led Journey: Dive the Azores with Jamie Watts

The best diving in Europe? Without question, the Azores. These Portuguese Islands cast adrift in the Atlantic straddle the migratory routes of blue whales and other pelagics following the warm Gulf stream currents. This is, quite simply, one of the best places on Earth to see mobulas, mantas and blue sharks, dolphins and even hammerheads. And this island-hopping expedition is the best way to experience this hidden gem. Interested in these fabulous group diving trips? Then get in touch today!