It seemed a long way to go for three nights (especially as we got stuck in Abu Dhabi airport for nine hours on the way out) however on arrival at Frégate Island Private in the Seychelles there was absolutely no doubt that this is a very special place.

Imposing rocks, Seychelles

First Impressions

Having never been to the Seychelles before, I naively thought it would look a bit like the Maldives but I was quite wrong. Yes there is white sand and lovely turquoise water but whilst the Maldives is flat as a pancake, the Seychelles islands have dramatic mountainous peaks and are overflowing with wildlife and vegetation. And this is what struck me most about Frégate, it is wild and adventurous. A huge variety of creatures inhabit this island and my absolute favourite were the giant tortoises: at twice my size with 2,000 individuals on the island, they give it a Jurassic feel.

The Resort

Nature aside, the resort itself could not be more beautiful. Without a doubt, the villas are the most fabulous I have ever seen. Large infinity pools stretch out to the ocean with an adjoining jacuzzi to soak in with a glass of wine while watching the sun go down. The villas themselves are extremely spacious with a large bedroom and bathroom, dining area and big living room; it could not be more spoiling! Each villa comes with its own golf buggy too so you can explore this three kilometre squared island.

When it comes to exploring there is so much to see. Taking our buggy round the island we found seven white beaches and there was one, in particular, that I will never forget. A five minute scramble down a stone staircase brings you to Anse Victorin, the most stunning quarter-mile stretch of deep white powdery sand, with the Seychelles signature boulders dotted around and of course the almost fluorescent blue waves crashing against the shore. We whiled away quite a few hours here floating with the waves but I could spend quite a few more given the chance!

If you want to be surrounded by nature, in pure luxury and a feeling of being off-the-beaten track, then Frégate Island Private, Seychelles might just be the island for you.

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