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A hammerhead shark uses its wide head to trap stingrays by pinning them to the seafloor. The shark's eye placement, on each end of its very wide head, allows it to scan more area more quickly than other sharks can. The largest of the hammerheads is the great hammerhead which can grow up to 6m in length (20ft) and weigh up to 1,000lbs. There lifespan is still unknown but thought to be between 20 and 30 years. They are found circumglobally in coastal warm temperate and tropical seas at depths of between 0m and 512m. Commonly found in the Western and Eastern Atlantic, Indo-Pacific, and Eastern Pacific.

Where to see Hammerheads

Along with the whale shark and the manta ray, to dive with hammerheads is probably up there with the most coveted additions to any divers log book, and also one of the most elusive. They take their name from the unusual and distinctive structure of their heads, which are flattened and laterally extended into a "hammer" shape called a "cephalofoil". There is no definitive explanation for the strangely shaped heads but the generally accepted idea now is that the positioning of the eyes give the shark good binocular vision, as well as 360-degree vision in the vertical plane, meaning they can see above and below them at all times.

Hammerheads are found worldwide in warmer waters along coastlines and continental shelves. Unlike most sharks, hammerheads usually swim in schools and an encounter which a large number of these sharks is a phenomenal experience.

Hammerhead sharks are known to eat a large range of items including fish, squid, octopus, crustaceans (and other hammerhead sharks!), with stingrays a particular favourite on the menu; and they often trawl the bottom of the seas for food.

There are eight known species of hammerhead shark with the great hammerhead and scalloped hammerhead being two of the best known.

Turtle Waving

Galapagos Archipelago

Galapagos liveaboard diving, simply the best way to dive the Galapagos Islands.

Hammerhead Shark Underwater

Costa Rica

A picture perfect and pocket-sized country with two beautiful coastlines separated by a spine of extremely active volcanoes.

Hammerhead shark, Bahamas


The solitary, elusive great hammerhead shark has now been discovered just a 5 minute boat ride from the shores of Bimini.

Manta ray, Taveuni


Soft coral capital of the world and offering so much more, this is a must visit. The Great White Wall is worth the trip on its own!

Rangiroa Atoll


Rangiroa, at the heart of the Tuamoto archipelago, is the second largest atoll in the world. Only an hour's flight away from Tahiti, it is home to some world-class diving.

Picture of aerial view of Tufi


Tufi is home to stunning offshore reefs (where you may find an albino hammerhead) and wonderful cultural activities. It should be near the top of any Papua New Guinea dive itinerary.

Southern Red Sea beach

Southern Red Sea

The southern Red Sea combines what we love about Red Sea diving with a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere, that is to say, not as many people know about it as they do Sharm.

Savusavu Marina

Vanua Levu

The remote dive sites of Vanua Levu offer something for all divers. Namena Marine reserve for diving and stunning hotels for sleeping!

Coral at Bligh Water

Bligh Water

Bligh Water is the body of water sitting between the main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. It's home to ripping currents, amazing coral and fish life and some beautiful resorts.

Manta ray, Taveuni


Soft coral capital of the world and offering so much more, this is a must visit. The Great White Wall is worth the trip on its own!

Shark Bay, Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Western Australia, is one of the few places on earth that at the right time of year you are guaranteed encounters with Whale Sharks.

Aerial view of Grand Turk

Turks & Caicos

The Turks and Caicos is home to some wonderfully white sand and clear blue seas. Oh, and some very good diving.

Beach umbrella in the Maldives


The Maldives is a world-class diving destination, particularly if you like diving with big fish. Above the waves you find pure white sand, blue seas and world-class hotels. What's not to like?

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