Marine Life

Manta Rays

Manta rays can grow up to 7.5m (25ft) in wingspan and weigh up to 2,900lbs. There is no definitive answer but mantas are thought to live up to 25 years. Their distribution is circumglobally in tropical and temperate waters at depths of between 0m and 120m. In the Northern Hemisphere, as far north as southern California and Rhode Island on the United States west and east coasts, Mutsu Bay, Aomori, Japan, the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt and the Azores Islands; in the Southern Hemisphere, as far south as Peru, Uruguay, South Africa and New Zealand. Not only are they elegant underwater but mantas are the acrobats of the sea and can leap up to 7 feet above the surface

Where to see Manta Rays

High on the priority list of creatures to see for all divers is the majestic manta ray. These are highly intelligent creatures with many showing a remarkable ability to interplay with divers and snorkellers. In fact, they have the largest brain-to-body ratio of all sharks and rays which may explain this playfulness.

Mantas are the largest of the rays that glide through the water much like birds through the air. Closely related to the shark, these gentle giants feed on plankton, fish larvae and the like, filtered from the water passing through their gills as they swim.

Mantas live in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. They prefer open water close to the surface, only dropping to the floor to have parasites removed by cleaner wrasse. Mantas usually travel alone, but can sometimes be seen in large groups when there is a zooplankton swarm. There is not much that can compare to an encounter like this.

Turtle Waving

Galapagos Archipelago

Galapagos liveaboard diving, simply the best way to dive the Galapagos Islands.

Komodo dragons, Indonesia


Komodo is a stunning destination both above and below the waves. This national park has some of the very best diving on earth.

Coral Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat just happens to sit right on the bullseye of the Coral Triangle, which is the area of highest marine biodiversity on earth. With more species of fish and coral than anywhere else on our planet, the diving here is jaw-dropping.

Beach umbrella in the Maldives


The Maldives is a world-class diving destination, particularly if you like diving with big fish. Above the waves you find pure white sand, blue seas and world-class hotels. What's not to like?

Manta Ray, Micronesia


Described as the manta ray capital of the world, if you like the giant, majestic creatures then this is the place to come. Sharks in general are a big draw here.

Diving off Babeldoab Island


Located midway between the Philippines and Guam in the western part of the Caroline Islands (this eastern part is known as Micronesia), the nation's claim to fame is now its world-class diving...

Pristine Similan Islands Beach, Western Thailand

Western Thailand

Off the western coast of Thailand, a group of islands called the Similans are home to the very best diving that can be found in Thailand. Here you can find whale sharks, mantas and other large pelagics.

Tubbataha Reef Sandbank

Tubbataha Reef

The jewel in the crown of Philippines diving.

Southern Red Sea beach

Southern Red Sea

The southern Red Sea combines what we love about Red Sea diving with a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere, that is to say, not as many people know about it as they do Sharm.

Azores aerial view

The Azores

The Azores offer world-class diving; we think the best in Europe. It also offers some amazing activities around its volcanic scenery.

Bazaruto archipelago

Southern Mozambique & Bazaruto Archipelago

The most striking feature of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Southern Mozambique is its remote untouched beauty.

Shark Bay, Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Western Australia, is one of the few places on earth that at the right time of year you are guaranteed encounters with Whale Sharks.

Ulun Danu Temple, Bali


Bali and Lombok have great variety for divers including wreck diving, muck diving, mantas and even a chance to encounter the extraordinary mola mola.

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