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Sharks can be found worldwide and are some of the most sought after creatures by divers. The largest of the sharks is the whale shark which can measure up to 12.65m (41.5ft) in length and weigh up to 36 tonnes, whilst the smallest is the dwarf lanternshark which can grow up to 17cm in length and is not very heavy! The life span of a shark varies hugely between species, but the spiny dogfish is thought to live up to 100 years. Sharks are hugely effective predators thanks to their keenly attuned senses: a shark can hear a distressed fish in the water from more than a mile away.

Where to see sharks

Let's face it, sharks have a bad reputation, thanks in no small part to Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic Jaws. However, we - and most divers - think these magnificent creatures should be admired and protected rather than feared.

These fish have been around since before the dinosaurs, diversifying along the way into some 400 different species from the tiny six inch dwarf lanternshark, to the biggest fish in the sea, the harmless whale shark, that reaches in excess of 40 feet in length. In between is an incredible array of beautiful fish.

Common varieties that you are likely to encounter on our trips include white and black tip reef shark, grey reef shark, bull shark, nurse shark and hammerhead shark but if you are lucky, and pick your spot right, there are all sorts of wonderous shark species waiting to be found.

Shark Bay, Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Western Australia, is one of the few places on earth that at the right time of year you are guaranteed encounters with Whale Sharks.

Coral at Bligh Water

Bligh Water

Bligh Water is the body of water sitting between the main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. It's home to ripping currents, amazing coral and fish life and some beautiful resorts.

Reef shark, Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon is famous for its shark diving and the quality of the soft corals. Add in a lovely private island resort and you are on to a winner.

Bahamas City view


Scattered like dabs of possibility on an adventurer’s palette, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus, he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history.

Bora Bora Aerial, French Polynesia

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is home to the iconic lagoon at Bora Bora and some stunning diving. The biggest draw is arguably large numbers of sharks but there is much more.

Turtle Waving

Galapagos Archipelago

Galapagos liveaboard diving, simply the best way to dive the Galapagos Islands.

Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island

Little known Mafia is one of the only places you are virtually guaranteed whale sharks at the right time of year.

Pyramids in Giza, Egypt


Egypt has vast historical and cultural aspects, and also offers world class diving, all within striking distance of Europe.

Beach umbrella in the Maldives


The Maldives is a world-class diving destination, particularly if you like diving with big fish. Above the waves you find pure white sand, blue seas and world-class hotels. What's not to like?

Malapascua Beach, Philippines


A tiny island in the Visayas which is home to some extraordinary marine life, most notably thresher sharks!

Chichen Itza

Yucatan Peninsula

Superbly varied diving and superb hotels make the Yucatan Peninsula a wonderful place to visit.

Rangiroa Atoll


Rangiroa, at the heart of the Tuamoto archipelago, is the second largest atoll in the world. Only an hour's flight away from Tahiti, it is home to some world-class diving.

Turquoise Ocean, Sipadan


An oceanic island rising 2000ft from the floor of the Celebes Sea. This is a destination near the top of all divers’ bucket lists.

Manta Ray, Micronesia


Described as the manta ray capital of the world, if you like the giant, majestic creatures then this is the place to come. Sharks in general are a big draw here.

Diving off Babeldoab Island


Located midway between the Philippines and Guam in the western part of the Caroline Islands (this eastern part is known as Micronesia), the nation's claim to fame is now its world-class diving...

Belize Blue Hole


Explore the second largest barrier reef in the world, along a 174-mile long coastline.

Azores aerial view

The Azores

The Azores offer world-class diving; we think the best in Europe. It also offers some amazing activities around its volcanic scenery.

Bazaruto archipelago

Southern Mozambique & Bazaruto Archipelago

The most striking feature of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Southern Mozambique is its remote untouched beauty.

Archipelago, Mozambique

Northern Mozambique & Quirimbas Archipelago

The remote Quirimbas Archipelago is one of the last untouched wilderness areas on Africa’s Indian Ocean coast. And home to our favourite dive in the world, Neptune's Arm.

Manta ray, Taveuni


Soft coral capital of the world and offering so much more, this is a must visit. The Great White Wall is worth the trip on its own!

Blanche Bay, New Britain, PNG

New Britain

Within the coral triangle, the centre of marine biodiversity which has the highest diversity of tropical fish and coral in the world, are the waters of New Britain. Diverse and colourful corals are home to a variety of marine creatures including fish, crustaceans and invertebrates.

Silvertip Reef Shark, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea

New Ireland

These waters are famed for the current and big pelagics that come with it. The place used to be overrun with sharks but dubious finning practices have reduced numbers significantly. However, since this practice was stopped, the sharks have been returning and on some dives it is now not uncommon to see up to 20 reef sharks (grey reef, white and black tip) on a single dive.

Picture of aerial view of Tufi


Tufi is home to stunning offshore reefs (where you may find an albino hammerhead) and wonderful cultural activities. It should be near the top of any Papua New Guinea dive itinerary.

Tubbataha Reef Sandbank

Tubbataha Reef

The jewel in the crown of Philippines diving.

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