Quinta das Buganvilias

Quinta das Buganvilias in the Azores is a tiny, boutique B&B set in an old Quinta (farm) and is what they call in Portugal ‘turismo rural’ and it really is.

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The building of Quinta das Buganvilias is set in the most beautiful gardens overflowing with all sorts of exotic plants and fruits as well as chickens and goats. It is idyllic and guests can use the herbs and plants to cook for themselves.

With just eight rooms, Quinta das Buganvilias is an intimate little place. The rooms can be individual or joined into 2-bedroom apartments which would be perfect for small groups or families. The rooms are all simple but tasteful with cooking areas too as at present only breakfast is served (though new managers are planning to offer dinners shortly).

The location of Quinta das Buganvilias is perfect apart from one thing, the proximity to the airport as it is very close. That being said, we were there when planes came over and the noise is really nothing to worry about.

Being such a small place there are not many facilities though there is a lovely bar area. The charm is the place itself with the gardens and architecture. There is also a small river at the bottom of the garden and a tunnel under the airport right to the beach!

Quinta das Buganvilias is located about a 15-minute drive from the main town of Horta so it is important to rent a car as you will need to drive there for the diving and other activities.

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Wander into the beautiful gardens of Quinta das Buganvilias and taste the Nespera, a local fruit that is delicious. Just don't get the juice on your clothes as it stains!

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