Our Muscat Diving Blog

We love writing blogs. It is a great way to transmit all of our knowledge about a certain area to you. Whenever we come back from a trip, we love combining our research and experiences into a blog. Here, you can read all our blogs about Muscat. We hope that this will inspire you to creat your own adventure there.

Access the Best Diving in Oman

Oman is often overlooked as a diving destination in favour of the more popular (and far busier) Red Sea. Here at Original Diving, we think it deserves more attention as it is a country that offers so much both above and below the waves.

Oman Diving Holidays

Nothing quite beats diving when no-one else is around and it is exactly that prospect that saw me heading to the Sultanate of Oman before Christmas on a research trip (or glorified holiday!).

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