The Detail

Much as a tailor might make you a suit, Original Travel creates bespoke trips that perfectly fit our clients' needs. We also know it's the little things that make a big difference to your holiday so we've curated several little touches and one big one - the concierge service - that represent the attention to detail and thoughtfulness you can expect when booking an Original Travel holiday.


One Point of Contact

No hot potato call centre antics - one expert point of contact will create a perfectly tailor-made itinerary for you.


Pre-Book Flight Seats

Those pre-held flights we talked about earlier? We can also pre-book specific seats (subject to availability) and advise on the best seats given the configuration of your actual plane.


Save, on Average, 50 Hours of Your Time

You don't have to work in a profession that charges by the hour to appreciate the value of your time. You could spend hours researching and booking a holiday yourself. Or you could speak to someone who knows the places and pursuits you're keen to experience, all for almost exactly the same cost (on which more later) and saving you - on average - 50 hours.