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Europe contains more countries than Asia, a continent five times its size. This is both a testament to Europe’s extraordinary cultural diversity…and to the inhabitants’ unerring ability to have a punch up and then redraw the boundaries every few years.

We in the UK are extremely lucky to be perched on the edge of a continent with such extraordinarily rich heritage in what is a relatively small area. That the region in question also incorporates towering mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and pretty much everything in between makes it all the more fortunate. Culture vultures and adrenaline junkies alike will find plenty to keep them interested, and there’s not an overnight flight in sight.

Scuba diving in Europe

Scuba diving in Europe can be a bit of a mixed bag but if you choose your spots right it can be incredibly varied and exciting. We are constantly on the hunt for new European diving destinations. We’re still not sure that you can dive in style in the UK (we’re sure some would argue you can) but in places like Gozo, Sardinia and the Canaries you can do some excellent scuba diving, and all in easy reach of the UK making even weekend diving trips in Europe a possibility.


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Fisherman in Gozo
Dive Gozo

Gozo offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean on a tranquil, rural island with great hotels. A little gem.

Beautiful coastline in Sardinia
Dive Sardinia

Sardinia offers some of the most exciting and varied diving in the Mediterranean along with endless white-sand coves.

Diving with blue sharks in the Azores
Dive the Azores

Having dived all over Europe, we are going to claim that the Azores diving is the best in the region. What's more, hardly anyone knows about it!