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Dive the Azores


It isn’t often that you find somewhere so close to home (if your home is in Europe) that blows you away with the quality of diving.

Having dived all over Europe, we are going to claim that Azores diving is hands down the best European diving around. And hardly anyone knows about it!

There is excellent diving throughout the islands which is a combination of local sites and offshore sites. The local sites are great – interesting underwater rock formations with plentiful marine life throughout the year though from June to October is best as that is when the pelagics come in due to the warm currents of the gulf stream. Each island has a large number of such sites.

Azores diving offers world-class marine life including manta rays and blue sharks...in Europe!

And then there are the offshore sites that are only really accessible in the summer months. It is the marine life to be found at these sites that turns the Azores from a very good diving destination into a world-class one. At these sites, it is all about diving in the blue with virtually guaranteed manta rays and blue sharks and occasional makos and even whale sharks and hammerheads – the Azores are quickly developing a reputation as a centre for shark diving and we can see why.

We can organise resort-based Azores diving trips or even island-hopping diving expeditions taking in multiple islands so you can get to see as much as possible in the time that you have.

Beautiful islands on land too

On top of the waves rather than under them, the islands are also famous for whales and dolphins though if you want to see the blue whales and other migratory species the best time of year is March to May which doesn’t coincide with the best time for diving. During the summer months you can still find sperm whales and large numbers of dolphins.

Away from the water there are all manner of activities on offer from biking and trekking to horse riding and cultural visits and we can organise all of this too.

All in all, this is as good as it gets in Europe and that is very, very good as it turns out. This is the best European diving. We want to return very soon.


Don't take our word for it...

Everything worked out just great.

Thanks for your e-mail, and THANK YOU for the lovely Welcome Home package, that really is so nice of you!  We had a fabulous time, and everything worked out just great. All great fun, and just a really wonderful trip! 

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