Owned and run by the ‘Manta Man’ himself, there is no better place to be if you want to be expertly guided to manta rays than at the Manta Ray Bay Resort.

Located on the east coast of the island of Yap, the Manta Ray Bay dive resort has a brilliant setup for those wanting to experience the best diving that Yap has to offer.

The Manta Ray Bay Resort consists of 35 rooms built on the waters edge, some of which have a lovely view out over the bay. They are extremely comfortable and spacious and what's more each is uniquely decorated after a marine creature - a very charming touch.

In front of the rooms sits one of the resorts best features, the boat, S/V Mnuw which is used as the resort restaurant and bar. With three bars, two dining decks and the kitchen all on board this is a great place to relax after a great day diving. The crow's nest bar is a particular favourite of ours where you can enjoy home brewed beer and a long list of delicious cocktails! Every evening there is a screening of a DVD on marine life (often mantas!) on the big projector at the front of the ship, which is enjoyed by the guests while discussing the day's diving over a drink or two.

The dive operation, Yap Divers, is extremely efficient and caters for up to four dives a day including a night or mandarin fish dive. The dive guides are extremely knowledgable and on certain packages you are even guaranteed your money back if you do not see a manta! Excellent camera facilities are available for the underwater photography enthusiasts.

Aside from the diving, the resort also offers other tours such as the Village Cultural Tour where you get to experience the Yapese culture first hand or kayaking tours through the diverse mangrove systems of Yap.

The Manta Ray Bay Resort has a really lovely atmosphere with extremely helpful and friendly staff, the perfect place from which to enjoy this manta haven.

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There is no other experience quite like seeing a group of mantas, wingspan up to 4m each, gliding along the reef and staying at the Manta Ray Bay Resort you can.

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