Seychelles Diving Holidays: An Overview

The Seychelles are a remote tropical paradise consisting of dozens of small islands scattered across a broad swathe of the Indian Ocean.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Stunning landscapes with granite boulders scattered along powder white beaches and bright turquoise water.
  • Fascinating array of flora and fauna including the giant tortoise.
  • Outstanding resorts - good enough for the royals!

Our Guide to Seychelles Diving Holidays

The islands are famous for their idyllic white-sand beaches, dotted with distinctive granite boulders and lapped by warm turquoise waters. Pristine coral reefs offer superb snorkelling and diving. Almost half of the Seychelles' total landmass is set aside as nature reserves, with the larger islands having lush vegetation and nature trails to explore.

Last but not least, the islands' Creole cuisine is a delicious blend of French and Indian influences. We know the islands intimately and can explain the various merits of staying on the private paradises of North Island, Frégate Island and Cousine or on Praslin, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Whichever island you choose to migrate to, you are guaranteed to see some of the millions of seabirds who live here or see century old giant tortoises roaming free. A thousand miles to the west lies Kenya and the two make for an excellent 'bush and beach' combination.

Top picks for Seychelles

Aerial View of Fregate Island

Fregate Island


Frégate Island Private, named after the graceful bird, is a near-perfect, 740-acre private island in the Seychelles, accommodating a maximum of 40 guests. This is the closest you will ever come to your own private island and proves you can have your eco cake and eat it, at a price!

Where to stay

North Island

North Island


This small, private island - just a mile long by half a mile across - was abandoned in the 1970s following the collapse of the coconut industry. Now home to one of the planets most luxurious and unusual island lodges, North Island is home to just 11 vast and truly original suites.

Where to stay

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