Where to Dive in March

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March: we're all incredibly fed up of winter but spring hasn't quite come to fruition. There is but one solution: go away. Diving in March is still great in the Maldives (though hurry, the sun and visibility will start to drop soon!) and it's a similar situation in the Philippines.

Diving in March

March is also the beginning of whale shark season in Ningaloo Reef in Australia, while over in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula dive with pregnant bull sharks, which, combined with diving in cenotes (crystal clear freshwater caves) add up to an unforgettable adventure.

For families, depending when Easter falls, March can be the month to take advantage of the bank holiday and it doesn't get much better than Easter in the Caribbean - from the shallow coral gardens and underwater sculptures of Grenada to the unofficial shore diving capital of the world Bonaire, there is something for everyone.

March is a marvellous time to go diving in the Philippines, where world-class muck diving can be mixed with colourful coral reefs (it is in the Coral Triangle, after all), not to forget the long-tailed thresher sharks that frequent Malapascua. Expect superb diving in the Seychelles in March with surface intervals spent marooned on coconut palm fringed beaches, or, to get truly off the radar, the remote Outer Islands boast 100+ metre walls, pristine reefs ands whirlpools of marine life ripe for exploration.

Top 5 Places to Go Diving in March

While there are endless fantastic options for a March diving holiday, from swimming with whale sharks to diving the final frontier, discover our top five places to go scuba diving in March.

  1. Caribbean - In the Spice Island of Grenada, the sun is still shining, the sea is still calm and the diving superb, with underwater sculpture parks, pristine coral reefs and marine life aplenty.
  2. Australia - Whale sharks start to arrive at Ningaloo Reef following the coral spawning in Western Australia
  3. Philippines - Uncover the wonders of Cebu, mingling with millions of sardines in Moalbaol and diving with elusive thresher sharks in Malapascua
  4. Seychelles - March is a great time to visit the Aldabra Group of the Seychelles, which boasts some of the most remote, pristine diving in the world, with dramatic wall diving, perfectly preserved coral reefs and all manner of marine life, ranging from nudibranch to manta rays.
  5. Micronesia - Head to Yap to dive with humungous manta rays before setting sail to Chuuk Lagoon to explore the eerie Japanese WW2 wrecks sunken during the bloody battle between Japan and the Allied Forces, known as "Operation Hailstone"
  6. Papua New Guinea - Take advantage of Easter holidays with an epic adventure in Papua New Guinea, which boasts a prime location in the Coral Triangle yet remains relatively under the radar. This is coral diving at its finest
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Avoid any March misery by jetting Western Australia to snorkel with whale sharks as they start to arrive in Ningaloo Reef.

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