Where to Dive in October

Emily C, Eleanor and Jacqui are here to help give you the inside track.

Summer may be over but that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to the sunshine, just head to the likes of Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Indonesia.

Diving in October

October and November are the perfect months to dive the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique, home to one of our favourite dives, Neptune's Arm. The seasons are changing in Indonesia as liveaboards start migrating to Raja Ampat.

It's really the last month of the year you will want to be diving in Europe unless you like cold water, while October sees the return of regions like the Middle East and North Africa, which have been unbearably hot for the previous few months. The Red Sea remains a favourite for world-class diving and Oman is an interesting alternative away from the crowds; both not too far away from the UK.

You can still go cage diving with great white sharks in Guadalupe in Mexico while over in Moorea in French Polynesia swim alongside humungous humpback whales in turquoise lagoons - heaven.

For a truly epic adventure, head to the remote wonderland of Papua New Guinea for world-class diving and wild and wonderful topside adventures. The Seychelles is another glistening archipelago also emerging into its sunny season - head to the southernly Aldabra Group for truly remote diving.

Top 5 Places to Go Diving in October

For an epic October adventure you can't go wrong with these epic diving destinations...

  1. The Seychelles - Explore the remote Aldabra Group, part of the Outer Islands, which attracts all manner of marine life, from manta rays and sailfish to sharks and all the smaller critters. Needless to say, you'll fill logbooks two-fold
  2. Oman - Whether embarking on a liveaboard in southerly Salalah or diving in a fish soup of marine life around the Daymaniyat islands, diving the fjords of the Musandam peninsula or all of the above, Oman is an action-packed adventure
  3. Papua New Guinea - Despite boasting some of the world's best diving, Papua New Guinea remains relatively undiscovered. Get well and truly off the beaten track while exploring the pristine coral reefs of New Britain, go muck diving for all manner of critters in Milne Bay and see the sunken WWII Japanese Zero wreck in Kimbe Bay
  4. Egypt - October is a marvellous time to visit the Red Sea, with sunny skies, clear water and pristine coral reefs. We know the best hotels to explore straight from the shore, or for some of Egypts most remote diving, embark on a liveaboard adventure
  5. Gozo - It's shoulder month in Gozo with the last of sunny skies and warm water. Enjoy some good deals, spectacular diving and none of the crowds. Win, win.
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October is the last month you can swim with humpback whales in French Polynesia – one of the few places in the world you are allowed to get in the water with these graceful giants.

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