Musandam Peninsula Diving Holidays: An Overview

The Musandam Peninsula is known as the 'Norway of Arabia' with 'fjords' and dramatic pink-skinned cliffs dropping vertically into the sea. There are no barrier reefs here. Instead you dive mostly under the towering cliffs that plunge almost vertically into the depths.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Six Senses Zighy Bay is one of our favourite resorts anywhere, not just in Oman.
  • The diving here is wonderfully remote, you can be the only people on a dive site.
  • Exploring the mountainous countryside is a real joy.

Our Guide to Musandam Peninsula Diving Holidays

The marine life here is incredibly diverse and each dive brings something different from excellent macro (small stuff) right up to regular whale shark sightings. Some of the diving can be a bit more technical, thanks to strong currents, but this is still an ideal place for beginners and experts alike.

What really sets this diving apart from the Red Sea is that no one else is in the water within miles - you are out here alone and again that just adds so much to the experience. Given the choice of the now overcrowded northern Red Sea or the Musandam peninsula, while the Red Sea definitely offers more variety and colourful reefs, this is a totally overlooked corner of effectively private diving nirvana; also with guaranteed sunshine and some wonderful hotels.

Top picks for Musandam Peninsula

Six Senses Zighy Bay, luxury hotel in Oman

Six Senses Zighy Bay

Musandam Peninsula

Set in an almost deserted bay on the Musandam Peninsula, Oman, the Six Senses Zighy Bay enjoys a truly dramatic setting surrounded on all sides by steep arid pink cliffs and also offers the most novel optional check in you could imagine, by hang glider!

Where to stay

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