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Travel insurance is imperative at the best of times, and now even more so. Unfortunately, most travel insurance companies have not caught up with the crisis, and currently won't cover for coronavirus-related claims. That's where we come in...

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Original Travel believes that ensuring that you are fully covered when travelling is just as important as choosing your holiday, especially when including activities. You must be suitably insured either through the insurance providers suggested below or with another insurer offering sufficient cover before we will accept your booking. Your cover should include adequate cancellation insurance to the value of your holiday and cover for the activities you will be doing.

Should you require travel insurance, our travel insurance partners Campbell Irvine can provide a number of different policies including single and multi-trip travel insurance, also for non-UK nationals and - most importantly in these uncertain times - coronavirus-related cover, which many insurers currently do not provide. Original Travel is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and who now offer a travel insurance policy that includes cover for cancellation or curtailment of a trip due to contracting coronavirus, or through being quarantined or refused permission to travel due to infection or suspected infection. Campbell Irvine have been arranging travel insurance since 1973, and their cover also includes a 24-hour worldwide emergency medical service which provides friendly and professional emergency help. Click here to get a Campbell Irvine Direct travel insurance quote. Alternatively, call Campbell Irvine Direct on +44 20 7938 1734.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is a legal requirement on all Original Travel holidays, and we cannot accept a booking without your acknowledgement that you have or will take out suitable travel insurance.

Am I covered if I decide to travel against Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice?

There is no cover if you travel anywhere that is contrary to FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office - formerly Foreign & Commonwealth Office) advice.

Does my policy cover me if I and diagnosed with Coronavirus whilst travelling overseas?

Yes, all necessary medical emergency and associated expenses will be covered.

One member of my family travelling with me is diagnosed with Coronavirus and is subject to compulsory quarantine by the treating doctor – are we all covered for any additional accommodation and travel costs incurred?

Yes, provided you are all insured with Campbell Irvine Direct and are all subject to quarantine. You must be able to provide medical evidence from the treating doctor or local authority to confirm the quarantine order.

Am I covered for cancellation if I am diagnosed with Coronavirus before I travel?

If you are diagnosed with Coronavirus and cannot travel, cancellation cover would apply so long as your GP confirms the diagnosis and the fact that you are not able to travel.

Am I covered if denied boarding by my airline due to temperature check?

The policy provides cover for cancellation so long as you are formally diagnosed with an illness that on medical grounds prevents travel and is supported by a medical certificate from your GP.

Are the cost of my Visas covered if I have to cancel due being diagnosed with Coronavirus and therefore unable to travel?

In the event of a valid cancellation claim, the cancellation section will reimburse irrecoverable costs incurred including Visas which only cover the period of your cancelled trip.

Am I covered for cancellation should the UK be locked down again?

No, in the event that the UK is ordered to 'Lockdown' again there would be no cover under the insurance in respect of Cancellation claims.

Am I covered if the country I am travelling in goes into lockdown?

No, there would be no cover for any costs (accommodation / travel) incurred in the event of the country you are travelling in being locked down.

What if I am travelling overseas and am instructed to quarantine or self-isolate?

You would be covered for any additional accommodation or travel expenses provided you can produce medical evidence that you have either been diagnosed with Coronavirus or directly exposed to Coronavirus.

What if I arrive at my destination, and am refused entry due to a high temperature and am forced into isolation for 14 days?

There is quarantine cover under the Medical Expenses section of the policy for any necessary medical expenses as well as any additional travel or accommodation costs.

I am travelling with family – one member contracts (or is suspected of contracting) Coronavirus. Whole family has to self-isolate for 14 days – will additional accommodation / flight costs to return home be covered?

There is quarantine cover for all insured persons under the Medical section, which includes cover for additional accommodation and flights.

A close relative has contracted Coronavirus, so I am unable to travel. Am I covered for cancellation or curtailment?

The policy will provide cover in the event a Close Relative is diagnosed as having Coronavirus and is seriously ill, which on medical grounds will require your presence. This will need to be certified by their GP.

I arrive at my holiday destination but am instructed by the local authorities to self-isolate in my hotel, but I have pre-booked and paid for excursions, what am I covered for?

Your insurance will cover the cost of any additional accommodation incurred whilst you are subject to quarantine based on your individual symptoms or suspected exposure to COVID-19 but will not refund any pre-booked accommodation costs if these have been used. With regard to any unused pre-booked and paid for excursions, provided that these are non-refundable, your insurance will reimburse these costs - less the standard policy excess and subject to you being able to provide documentary evidence to support the instruction to quarantine from either the Government, public authority of the country you are in or the treating doctor.