Where to Dive in August

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August is the month of the European family holiday and we can help you avoid the crowds and recommend some off the beaten track family friendly (and bank balance friendly) destinations, such as the beautiful island of Gozo, near Malta.

Diving in August

If your mission is in fact to avoid the kiddies altogether then look no further than the likes of Fiji and French Polynesia. It might take a while to get there but that feeling of truly getting away from it all is well worth the long flight(s). What's more, the diving in this region in August is perfect, with swimming with humpback whales and thrilling shark diving on the cards in French Polynesia while pilot whales can be seen off Vanua Levu in Fiji.

Ever wanted to dive with great white sharks? Come face to face with these apex predators cage diving off Guadalupe Island in Mexico right through to November. For more relaxed diving (yet no less wondrous) Indonesia has long been an Original Diving favourite and August is a wonderful time of year for a dive holiday here (think: liveaboard diving in Komodo, macro diving in Northern Sulawesi and searching for the elusive Mola Mola, or Ocean Sunfish, in Bali). Finally, if you can bear the heat then the Red Sea is great for big stuff at this time of year, with some marvellous deals on all the best liveaboards to boot.

Top 5 Places to Go Diving in August

Some of the best diving destinations in the world are coming into their own during the summer season. So without further ado, discover the best destinations for diving in August.

  1. The Azores - Sunny weather, relatively warm seas and excellent diving make August a great time to go diving in the Azores. Dive the local sites for a wealth of macro critters and World War Two wrecks while offshore mako sharks and mobula rays await
  2. Mexico - Get the adrenaline pumping cage diving with great white sharks in Guadalupe, while August is also the best time to see hammerheads in the Sea of Cortez (making for an epic combo trip). Over on the Yucatan peninsula, snorkel with whale sharks off island paradise Isla Holbox
  3. Indonesia - Head to Bali in August for the chance to see the elusive, yet massive, mola mola (or ocean sunfish) while over in Northern Sulawesi, divers can see all manner of macro critters in the Lembeh Strait. For an epic liveaboard adventure, set sail to Komodo National Park for some of the finest coral diving and the possibility of manta rays
  4. Fiji - It's dry season in Fiji so expect superb visibility (plankton blooms only happen in the wet season) extending as much as 60 metres, ideal given the spectacular array of colourful corals on display. The marine life is equally enthralling, with a huge array of reef fish, macro species and sharks galore
  5. Solomon Islands - Despite being located in the Coral Triangle, the Solomon Islands remain blissfully under the radar. Aside from spectacular coral diving, there are also fascinating World War Two wrecks, caves, cavers, drop-offs and muck environments to explore
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August is the best time to visit the Azores. Home to the best diving in Europe, dive with mantas and mobulas in the offshore sites, or, if the seas are too rough the local sites consist of WW2 wrecks, caves, caverns and a wealth of pelagics.

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