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August is the month of the European family holiday and we can help you avoid the crowds and recommend some off the beaten track family friendly (and bank balance friendly) destinations, such as the beautiful island of Gozo, near Malta.

Diving in August

If your mission is in fact to avoid the kiddies altogether then look no further than the likes of Fiji and French Polynesia. It might take a while to get there but that feeling of truly getting away from it all is well worth the long flight(s). What's more, the diving in this region in August is perfect. Speaking of perfect, Indonesia has long been an Original Diving favourite and August is a wonderful time of year for a dive holiday here. Finally, if you can bear the heat then the Red Sea is great for big stuff at this time of year.

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Many would say Britain is at its best in August... except when seen through a car window in a 10-mile motorway traffic jam. No traffic jams in the Galapagos, apparently.


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