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Dewi Nusantara liveaboard boat sailing in Indonesia

Liveaboard v’s Land-based diving holidays

It's 6am, the hues of the morning sun are dancing across the glassy sea. Right below you a black tip reef shark is gently circling the boat. You grab your mask and slip into the water alongside him. For a few precious moments it's just you and him in the water. This is the magic of a…

Common Lionfish (Pterois Miles) on a colorful coral reef.

Top Ten Lionfish Facts

Lionfish are a group of fish known for their regal appearance, hence their nickname as the 'kings' and 'queens' of the coral reefs. With their flowing fins; maroon, black or white stripes; and venomous spikes, these creatures have been the object of admiration for years. Lionfish are native…

Sunset over the waters with thatched roof villas

Top Destinations for your Valentine (Divertine)

Do you show your love by creating elaborate patterns in the sand like the male Japanese puffer fish or opt for an eight-hour-long dancing ritual to court the one that you fancy like a seahorse? Perhaps, like us, you would rather witness these events happening with your special diving buddy.…

Bluespotted ribbontail ray on coral reef

Your Dive Calendar Part 2

Part two of our dive calendar starts smack bang in midsummer. A time during which the UK does its best to produce temperatures that remotely resemble the season and everyone else tallies up their remaining annual leave and heads somewhere well versed in summer sun. If this sounds like you,…

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