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Diver in Egypt

Best Short-Haul Diving Holidays

They say, 'It's the journey, not the destination'. Well, maybe 'they' are not scuba divers. While the journey can be spectacular, you can't dive during the journey, and often, when embarking on an epic diving holiday, the journey can be very long. Sometimes we want to dive, but just don't…

Reef Fish in Komodo

Best Reef Fish in Komodo

In days long since passed, uncharted areas of maps were inscribed with the Latin phrase 'hic sunt dracones'- here be dragons. In modern times, that phrase would look out of place on any map, unless it was a map of Komodo and its neighbouring island of Rinca (pronounced Rin-cha). In this part…

Costa Rica

Best Diving in Latin America

Below the waves, Central and South America boast some of the finest diving on the planet: the world's second-largest barrier reef, freediving lizards, majestic mantas, blue holes and cenotes, schooling hammerheads and more. Topside, you have the Amazon rainforest, Incan and Mayan ruins, the…

Macro Diving in Bali

Top Ten Macro Critters in Bali

Indonesia's 'Island of the Gods' boasts some of the most diverse diving around, and it's quite possible to spot (or have pointed out by your eagle-eyed guide) a new cryptic critter each time you venture below the waves. Bali's bountiful dive sites, slap-bang in the middle of the Coral…

Black-Tipped Reef Shark in Bali

Top Ten Reef Fish in Bali

The waters of Bali are awash with reef fish of all shapes and hues. From the warm and gently sloping reefs in the north to the current-swept shores of Penida and Lembongan in the south, the diverse diving will ensure you will not be short of encounters with bizarre, beautiful or even…

Bali beach

Best Diving in Bali

The Indonesian Archipelago lies at the heart of the Coral Triangle, the world's hotspot for marine biodiversity, and Bali sits halfway along this sprawling archipelago, receiving warm currents from the Java Sea to the north and colder currents travelling up from the south. These unique…

pgmy seahorse

The Best Shore Diving in the World

The more remote the dive site, the better the diving, right? Wrong. Or at least that's not always the case... There are some locations in the world where you can swim alongside turtles and sharks a few fin-kicks from the shore or enjoy a dawn dive on a World War II wreck within minutes of…


Scuba Diving vs. Snorkelling

While dipping below the ocean's surface and venturing into the silent world has become an addiction for many of us, there are times and circumstances when simply grabbing a mask, snorkel and fins is enough to allow us a glimpse of the majestic marine life below. Whether it's age…

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