Australasia and the Pacific Diving Holidays

A collection of islands ranging in size from continentally colossal Australia to pinpricks in the vast Pacific Ocean, and land masses of all shapes and sizes in between. No other region on earth is so intrinsically defined by the ocean that surrounds it.

Of the constituent countries, Australia and New Zealand have a particular affinity for UK-based travellers, many of whom might have visited before, complete with a backpack and boundless energy on a year-off. The last decade has seen a sudden influx of sophisticated new hotels and lodges and while these may not work on a backpack budget, they fit the bill perfectly for the more discerning traveller.

Further east still, Fiji and French Polynesia are close to the perfect desert island destinations, complete with white sand beaches, lush mountainous interiors and crystal clear waters. The problem? The sheer logistics of getting there, and a huge choice of accommodation to wade through to find the place that's right for you. Find the right place though, and the trip will be well worth the effort.

This is a region near the top of every diver's hitlist whether it be for the sharks of Bora Bora and Rangiroa, the coral of the outer Great Barrier Reef or the wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon. Here at Original Diving we have travelled the region extensively to find the very best places to stay where you can get to experience the wonders of this far away part of the world both above and below the waves.

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A Note on Price

All of our holidays are completely tailor-made and prices will vary based on things like when in the year you will be travelling, how far in advance you book, the class of flights included and the level of accommodation you choose. The guide prices shown across this website are designed to provide you with a broad indication of how much to budget for your trip.

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