Carbon Off-Setting

100% Carbon-Offsetting

We are proud to off-set 100% of the carbon footprint generated by the air and ground transportation of each holiday taken by our clients. We have also decided to include those flights independently booked by clients.

In order to achieve this goal, we are participating alongside eight European groups in the new €100m Livelihoods Carbon Fund, to help fight global warming. We are doing so by taking a highly practical approach aimed at having a strong local social and economic impact.

We believe that we are the first company in the UK travel market to be taking this step.

Case study

India mangroves
Sundarbans, West Bengal

India's Sundarbans is the largest estuarine forest in the world but the mangroves are rapidly disappearing due to climate change. Our project (verified by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) aims to plant more than 16 million mangrove trees to protect the local communities' homes and farmlands from flooding and to restore local biodiversity.