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June sees one of nature's greatest events occurring in Southern Africa, the Sardine Run, which sees huge schools of sardines migrate through the waters of the Indian Ocean near Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. June is also the perfect time to be in Mozambique, where the rain-free, wonderfully warm season is well underway. Most of Europe is also beginning to warm up so Malta, Gozo and the Azores all come into contention.

Diving in June

June is the time to explore the South Pacific. Head to French Polynesia for epic shark diving across the archipelago while over in Fiji dive in the 'soft coral capital of the world' with surface intervals spent marooned on palm-tree lined beaches. It's also the best time to see oceanic hammerheads around Kadavu while manta rays are also starting to arrive in Tahiti. Liveaboard diving the Solomon Islands will unveil some of the most remote, pristine reefs in the world as well as plunging walls, caverns and WWII wrecks - all in crystal clear visibility.

Over in the Maldives, it's whale shark and manta season so while the weather may be less predictable, under the waves, it remains a top destination in June. Sticking on the whale shark theme, they are virtually guaranteed off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico too; not a bad reason to head west. June is also the perfect time to set sail by liveaboard to Cocos Island off Costa Rica, when the plankton blooms attract hundreds of schooling hammerheads.

Europe comes into its own in the Summer months, with the Azores attracting all manner pelagics in its offshore sites and equally enthralling topographies and critters close to shore (although the water might still be a bit chilly). Malta and Gozo are heating up with warm, clear waters more reminiscent of the Caribbean than Europe. Speaking of the Caribbean, Grenada is outside of the hurricane belt so still boasts warm, sunny skies in June. To tick off the bucket list in style, dive in Iceland in June, when Silfra (the fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates) is covered in an electric green algae known locally as "troll hair", while above water it's one of the best times to see Icelandic puffins.

Top 5 Places to Go Diving in June

Some of the world's best diving destinations are coming into season in June, but for the cream of the crop read on to discover the top five places to go diving in June.

  1. Maldives - While the weather may be rather unpredictable, it won't matter when you're underwater mingling with hundreds on manta rays as they begin to arrive to feed in a plankton soup in Hanifaru Bay. This is the largest manta feeding station in the world
  2. Costa Rica - Set sail for Cocos Island in June to dive with hundreds of schooling hammerheads
  3. Iceland - For a truly original diving experience, dive in Iceland in June, when the Silfra Fissure becomes draped in vibrant green algae, or 'troll hair' as the locals call it
  4. The Azores - This remote archipelago of European islands is starting to warm up for the summer, attracting all the bucket list pelagics to its offshore sites, from blue sharks to mobula rays
  5. Mozambique - Female humpback whales are starting to arrive into the Mozambique channel with their calves, which you can watch from the shores of some of the best luxury private islands, naturally
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There’s nothing quite witnessing the tenderness of a female humpback whale lead her calf, which you can witness straight from the shores of some of the best luxury hotels in Mozambique from June right through to October.

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