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June sees one of nature's greatest events occurring in Southern Africa, the Sardine Run, which sees huge schools of sardines migrate through the waters of the Indian Ocean near Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. June is also the perfect time to be in Mozambique, where the rain-free, wonderfully warm season is well underway. Most of Europe is also beginning to warm up so Malta, Gozo and the Azores all come into contention.

Diving in June

June is the time to explore the South Pacific - French Polynesia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands to name but a few destinations - finally it's stopped raining! And in the Maldives, it's whale shark and manta season so while the weather may be less predictable, under the waves, it remains a top destination in June. Sticking on the whale shark theme, they are virtually guaranteed off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico too; not a bad reason to head west.

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The British summer can be flaky at the best of times so it's best to guarantee yourself some early summer sunshine by heading on holiday in June.


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