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No Troubles, Just Bubbles! Top Tips for Staying Safe When You Dive

Divers and astronauts have a lot in common. Venturing below the waves, we become weightless, and each dive often reveals otherworldly ecosystems and 'alien' life forms, from plants that don't photosynthesize to glow-in-the-dark creatures of the deep. For most of us, exploring the ocean is…

Essential Steps for Handling a Diving Emergency

Exploring the ocean's depths is an unparalleled adventure, but it's not without its challenges. Divers should be armed with knowledge, training and composure in order to navigate the unpredictable waters of dive-related emergencies. This means the first and most important step in handling an…

Underwater photographers

Underwater Photography Tips for Beginners

Most divers will have a photo that ignited their journey into the underwater realm. From thumb-worn issues of National Geographic to the 'Underwater Photographer of the Year' competition, underwater photos provide a lens into the delicate beauty beneath the waves, and act as a reminder of…

Scuba Diving Training

Top Five Destinations to Get Your Divemaster

If you want to turn your passion into a profession, the Divemaster certification represents the first rung on the diving professional ladder. The course, which lasts from three weeks to six months, qualifies you to work as a dive guide and assist instructors. With unlimited access to local…

Great Barrier Reef

Top Five Destinations to Get Your Advanced Certification

The Advanced Open Water Diver certification gives divers more freedom on their dive holidays. Being certified to dive deeper opens up a whole world of new dive sites to explore across the planet and can allow you to enjoy underwater experiences that were previously off-limits. Aside from the…

OK Diver

Ten Ways to Be a Responsible Diver

Diving gives us the rare opportunity to transport to another, bluer world characterized by vibrant coral jungles and captivating marine creatures. Yet, it also gives us a firsthand view of the profound impacts of human activities on the ocean; virtually all marine ecosystems have been…