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Man on sailboat

Philantourism: The Best Dive Spots for Doing Good

Often, when catastrophe strikes, or a community falls on hard times, we watch and wonder 'how can I help?' Some people choose to donate money, participate in food/clothing drives, volunteer their time or open their homes. Short-term relief is just the beginning though. To truly extend a…

pgmy seahorse

The Best Shore Diving in the World

The more remote the dive site, the better the diving, right? Wrong. Or at least that's not always the case... There are some locations in the world where you can swim alongside turtles and sharks a few fin-kicks from the shore or enjoy a dawn dive on a World War II wreck within minutes of…


Scuba Diving vs. Snorkelling

While dipping below the ocean's surface and venturing into the silent world has become an addiction for many of us, there are times and circumstances when simply grabbing a mask, snorkel and fins is enough to allow us a glimpse of the majestic marine life below. Whether it's age…

Europe diving

The Best Diving in Europe

While diving may seem like a hobby reserved for exotic islands and far-flung destinations, you may be surprised to learn that Europe has its fair share of excellent diving spots. Europe is home to everything from world-class wreck dives (we're looking at you, Gozo) to unusual underwater…

humpback whale

Top Ten Humpback Whale Facts

Humpback whales can be found worldwide in all of the world's major oceans. They travel great distances every year and have one of the longest migrations of any mammal on the planet - some populations swim a whopping 5,000 miles from tropical breeding grounds to colder, more productive…

coral reef

The Best Coral Diving in the World

When most of us began our diving journey, we envisioned ourselves in turquoise waters, exploring vibrant coral reefs and swimming through shoals of shimmering fish. That, and hanging out on a white sand beach, sipping on coconut water during surface intervals (go on, tell us we're wrong).…

Hawaii Surfing

Top Five Surf and Scuba Destinations

The age old conundrum: to surf or dive? Whether you're team Kelly Slater or Jacques Cousteau, Carissa Moore or Sylvia Earle, there's no better feeling than being out on the water. From riding a turquoise wave as it gently barrels, to casting your eyes on the world's that lie beneath, surfing…

Hammerhead shark

Top Ten Hammerhead Shark Facts

Hammerhead sharks are one of the most recognisable ocean creatures and perhaps the most distinctive of all shark species, largely thanks to their strangely-shaped heads - known as a cephalofoil. Found in the warm waters around Central America, Southern America, Africa, Asia, and Australia,…

Fiji vs. French Polynesia Diving: South Pacific Giants

At first glance, Fiji and French Polynesia share many similarities. With postcard-perfect islands, coral-fringed lagoons and diving dreamscapes, both have long been considered the ultimate tropical escapes. However, dive a little deeper and you'll discover there are remarkable differences.…

Manta ray

Top Ten Manta Ray Facts

What diver doesn't dream of swimming alongside majestic manta rays? These charismatic and gentle fish, whose relatives include sharks, sawfish, electric rays and stingrays, certainly deserve a place on every diving bucket list.

Oman wadi

Autumn of Extras - Dive Destinations With Excitement Above and Below the Surface

Whether you're a family of divers or a couple with contrasting interests, these destinations offer something for everyone to prep for the post-summer blues. Read on for a bit of autumn inspiration…

Coral above and below water

Marine Metropolises: The Importance of Coral Reefs

Known as the 'rainforests of the sea', corals reefs contain the most diverse ecosystems on Earth and are home to over 25% of all marine species. They are important not only in protecting coastlines from storms, erosion and wave action, but also provide a crucial source of income for millions…

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Over the Rainbow: The Most Colourful Sea Creatures

The ocean realm is home to sea creatures of many shapes and sizes, but it is the kaleidoscope of colour that resides within the oceans that is the most striking characteristic to remind us of its awe-inspiring beauty. Colour can be used as territorial warnings, for mating purposes or it can…

Diving lesson

The Top Five Places To Learn To Dive

Divers are really astronauts; gliding weightless through the ocean we observe alien worlds carpeted in vast fields of colourful corals with equally bizarre, enthralling inhabitants - from the foreign clicks of dolphins communicating to minute technicolour slugs (nudibranch). And best yet,…

Angsana Ihuru aerial

Five of the Best House Reefs

Coral reefs are some of the world's most colourful and diverse ecosystems, and a hidden treasure to feast the eyes upon for any scuba diver and snorkeller. But why should you wait for a boat trip from your hotel when you can access these underwater Edens straight from the shores of your…

Yellow, White and Black Nudibranch

Nudibranchs - Facts About The World's Prettiest Slugs

Nudibranchs, sometimes more commonly known as "sea slugs" are some of the hardest creatures to spot on a dive. Although related to snails, these colourful little creatures have ditched the homes they carry on their backs as they have evolved. Similar to land snails, nudibranchs also leave a…

whale shark ningaloo reef

Top 6 Places to Dive and Snorkel with Whale Sharks

As the ocean's largest fish whale sharks are found in tropical seas around the planet, making for some pretty comfortable dive conditions - unusual when diving, or snorkelling, for some of the ocean's bigger beasts. Yet despite being one of the most recognisable marine creatures, these…


Top Six Places to Dive With Hammerheads

One of the most iconic of all species, hammerhead sharks should be swimming near the brim of any diver's bucket list. The fact that - unlike most sharks - scalloped hammerheads usually swim in huge schools only amplifies the spectacular experience of seeing them.

liveaboard diving at sunrise

The 10 Best Liveaboard Destinations

It's aboat (sorry) time we let you in on a little not-so-secret-secret about liveaboards - liveaboard diving allows you to boldly go to where no day trip has gone before, setting sail to some of the most remote, pristine dive sites in the world. It's the crème de la crème of dive…

diving seal

Diving The Galapagos

This year I turn 30. At the start of the year I decided that it was going to be a big year for me; figure out my five year plan, set some challenges, say 'yes' to as much as possible and go on some unforgettable trips. The five year plan is still a work in progress, however I did say 'yes'…

Wakatobi house reef, Indonesia

Top Nine Destinations for Shore Diving

They (read: we) say the best things in life are but a few fin kicks from the beach. And here at Original Diving, we believe there are some pretty marvellous sights to be seen in the shallows. From some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs to magnificent wrecks, marvellous macro critters…

red sea in egypt reef

Family Diving

There are few better ways to bond with your children than while diving. Obviously you can't natter away on the dive itself, but when you're back in the boat or on the beach, reliving the dive with a wide-eyed youngster can be a magical experience. The good news (and something a lot of…

Blue shark

The Azores Best Dive Sites

Unique underwater topography characterised by big boulders, caverns and canyons; crystal clear visibility; mantas and mobulas; sharks and ship wrecks; macro life and much, much larger whales… and all in Europe. Yes, you heard right. Located a mere four hour flight from London, we think the…

diving in egypt

Short Haul Winter Diving Destinations

As we (at least those of us based in Europe) are slowly stepping into the cold of winter and dusting off our winter clothing, here at Original Diving, we've compiled our list of some top short-haul winter-come-spring diving destinations. Here's a selection of places you can get to for a…