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Spotlight on: Fiji

The Fijian archipelago comprises approximately 330 islands and 500 islets spread across over 7,000 square miles in the South Pacific Ocean - the phrase 'getting away from it all' has never been more apt. Beneath the waves you'll see an abundance of soft coral, for which Fiji is renowned, as…

Underwater Fish

The LenzO®: A Diver's Dream

We love keeping up with the latest gadgets to enhance your dive experience and the team have Valstech have developed the LenzO®, an underwater housing for iPhone. It allows you to use all the features of your phone and take impressive underwater photos. Our very own Louisa tried this on a…

The Maldives

Our 2017 Top Picks

Here's your starter for ten: what activity has been clinically proven (by the highly renowned Original Diving Science Department) to cure the January Blues? Answer: planning your holidays for the year ahead (cue rapturous applause). Oh yes, our in-house team of uber-geeks has unearthed a…

Bazaruto Beach

The best of Mozambique

Having visited Mozambique for the first time 8 years ago, I was very excited be going back to further explore the country's incredible coastline and underwater world. Following my trip in October, I am delighted to say that it did not disappoint and there were several highlights that I would…

Bull Shark in the Bahamas

Sharks, Glorious Sharks

Sharks may be the oceans' most successful predators but they are also the most misunderstood creatures beneath the waves. And as lovers of all things subaqueous we're going to hop aboard our soap box and spout our merry manifesto in support of these majestic beasties.

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Papua New Guinea culture

The Wonders of Papua New Guinea

Since arriving at Original Diving in 2012, Papua New Guinea has always been at the top of my travel list. Not only did the diving appeal, but the wildlife and culture is so varied that I was eager to experience it all (I have David Attenborough to thank for a lot of this!) Luckily, last…

A Diving Adventure in Socorro: Part I

In the heavily depleted ocean that covers a mere 71% of our globe there is always a momentous sigh of relief to be felt when you visit somewhere that lives up to its reputation. I recently visited the Revillagigedo Islands with the intention of experiencing some of the magic these islands…

Diving in Dominica; the Caribbean's Last Hidden Gem

Having never visited the Caribbean, I was excited to be travelling to Dominica. Not fully knowing what to expect I began my journey with an open mind - perhaps somewhat influenced by a general stereotype of Caribbean diving: wrecks, sharks and sandy bottoms…

Luxury Island-Hopping in the Maldives

In December I was lucky enough to head out to the Maldives to review some of the hotels we already feature and to explore some new ones. The Maldives is one of my favourite spots on earth: incredible luxury resorts, stunning scenery and of course, world-class diving. It is everything that…

Access the Best Diving in Oman

Oman is often overlooked as a diving destination in favour of the more popular (and far busier) Red Sea. Here at Original Diving, we think it deserves more attention as it is a country that offers so much both above and below the waves.

Diver with coral

Facts about Scuba Diving

In order to encourage the growth of the sport and to change existing misconceptions it is time to release more facts about scuba diving and thus dispelling the old myths.

Short Haul Winter Diving Destinations

As we (at least those of us based in Europe) are slowly stepping into the cold of winter and dusting off our winter clothing, here at Original Diving, we've compiled our list of some top short-haul winter diving destinations. Here's a selection of places you can get to for a short break…

Types of Diving: Muck Diving

Third in our series of blogs on types of diving is muck diving.

Hawksbill turtle in water

Who’s Even Heard of Karimunjawa?

Last stop on Dive in Style author Tim Simond's trip around Indonesia was the remote Karimunjawa archipelago. Here he tells of his experience.

Nudibranchs - Facts About The World's Prettiest Slugs

Nudibranchs, sometimes more commonly known as "sea slugs" are some of the hardest creatures to spot on a dive. Although related to snails, these colourful little creatures have ditched the homes they carry on their backs as they have evolved. Similar to land snails, nudibranchs also leave a…

Nitrogen Narcosis: Drunk on Depth

Nitrogen narcosis, derived from the Greek word Narke is loosely translated as the "temporary decline or loss of senses and movement." Like any other adventure sport, scuba diving comes with some associated risks. Nitrogen narcosis or getting "narked" is one of them.

Tim's Top Picks: Best Worldwide Snorkelling Destinations

In his ongoing series of blogs, Dive in Style author Tim Simond shares his top destinations for snorkelling.

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A "too cool for words" weekend trip to Mexico? Why not! Swoon over @htsi underwater adventure with Original Diving…

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Check out Original Diving's stunning Instagram page for our underwater scuba pics of the day!

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Original Diving specialises in delivering perfectly personalised scuba diving holidays for the whole family…

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The Mediterranean Slipper Lobster is not the most intelligent looking creature but it is always a treat to see on a dive in the Azores" India, Original Diving Expert. This photo was taken diving off of the small island of Faial in the Azores. Slipper Lobsters are usually found clinging to the roofs of caves and can grow up to a foot long. These camouflaged crustaceans have no claws and are now considered rare due to over-fishing in the Mediterranean.

24 hours ago

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All aboard! The Tiger Blue has added a new set date departure to its sailing schedule this Summer between 30 August and 5 September 2017 for the islands of Komodo National Park, Indonesia. These luxurious cabins will sail away fast so contact us at Original Diving if you are interested in this ultimate sailing and scuba diving adventure.

4 days ago

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India in our Original Diving team took this stunning photograph of a Spiny Starfish whilst scuba diving off Sao Miguel in the Azores, Portugal. Spiny Starfish can vary in colour and are found across the Atlantic Ocean. Azores is famous for its offshore sites but the diving at its local sites, such as this one, is also beautiful with some of the best marine life in Europe. Find out more about diving in Azores here:

5 days ago

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Indonesia undoubtedly has some of the very best diving in the world. This stunning underwater photo was taken whilst scuba diving off Komodo island. For our top picks on Scuba Diving in Indonesia visit:

6 days ago

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There is so much more to see of The Ocean than just its surface. Although coral reefs only occupy less than 1% of our world's surface, they are home to 25% of all marine species.

7 days ago

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"Cenote diving and snorkelling in the Yucután Peninsula, Mexico is a breathtakingly beautiful experience where you feel as though you're exploring a completely unknown and surreal part of our world" Clare, an Original Traveller. There are thought to be over 7,000 cenotes in Mexico that are part of a magnificent underground network of rivers and caves formed when limestone collapses leaving a hole in the earth that leads to this gorgeous turquoise water. A completely unique diving experience!

11 days ago

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Why do we love Scuba Diving in Fiji... what's not to love?! From the private island resorts, to some of the world's best coral reefs and shark diving. Read our blog post for the reasons why we think Fiji is the perfect luxury scuba diving paradise.

11 days ago

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Where should you go scuba diving this August, whether for a family diving holiday or if you want to avoid children at all costs? We know we can't rely on the British summer to provide us with our annual vitamin-D dose and warm crystal clear water, and so we've got our top summer choices here.

12 days ago

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At Original Diving we love nothing more than being underwater and scuba diving, but often the best and most colourful things to be seen are in shallow waters, and snorkelling can be an excellent way to experience these aquatic delights- with no experience needed, suitable for all and it is much lighter on the equipment needed. Tim Simond, author of Dive in Style, shares his expert opinion on the best snorkelling destinations in the world in this Original Diving blog post

14 days ago

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