Where to Dive in November

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Christmas is approaching and if you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of presents and turkey already then a pre-Christmas getaway may be in order! Europe is a little too cold now but the Middle Eastern diving hotspots of Egypt and Oman are close enough for a short break and the temperature is lovely.

Diving in November

Further afield, the southern hemisphere is getting well into summer so Australia is a great option (though not the Barrier Reef which is better during our summer). Plus, if you go diving off Ningaloo Reef you might just see manta rays. Speaking of manta rays, you have pretty good chances of seeing them in Indonesia's Raja Ampat in November, which, paired with smooth seas makes it ideal for liveaboards.

It doesn't get any better in parts of East Africa from a diving perspective, whether becoming blissfully marooned on Pemba Island to dive some of Tanzania's best reefs along the Pemba Channel, or snorkelling with whale sharks off Mafia Island. You can also still catch whale sharks in the Galapagos alongside mola mola, Galapagos penguins, marine iguana's and so much more.

The cup overfloweth when it comes to diving experiences in the Philippines, from world-class muck diving in Dauin to diving with thresher sharks in Malapascua and even World War Two wreck diving in Coron. Plus, the weather is just getting better in the Philippines in November.

The Seychelles is coming into its own in November with balmy weather, superb diving and blissfully wild beaches to boot. If you want an epic marine encounter on a diving holiday in November, then Palau is just the ticket, as divers can witness the magical spectacle of a parrotfish spawning during the new moon.

Top 5 Places to Go Diving in November

When it starts getting dark mid-afternoon and the sky keeps weeping drizzle, it's time to get away. For a dose of vitamin D, discover the best places to go diving in November...

  1. Egypt - Fact: the Red Sea has the best diving close to the UK, boasting pristine coral reefs, sharks, eagle rays, macro critters, wrecks...the list goes on. Plus, the weather is also still glorious in November making it the perfect winter getaway
  2. Palau - Visit during the new moon and witness the bumphead parrotfish spawning, while if you visit during the full moon you'll see thousands of red snappers changing colours before spawning - an utterly spectacular, rare experience
  3. Solomon Islands - Set sail to the final frontier by luxury liveaboard to dive in the far corners of the Coral Triangle (read: the most remote, pristine coral reefs) and mingle with all manner of marine life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience
  4. Tanzania - Boasting some of East Africa's best diving, swim with whale sharks off Mafia Island, dive on the spectacular coral reefs of the Pemba Channel and spend surface intervals wonderfully marooned on some seriously luxurious private islands
  5. Philippines - November is an excellent time to visit the Philippines for epic diving and incredible weather - an all-round winner if you ask us
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As the UK plunges into winter, we can't blame you for heading for sunnier climes. The picture perfect beaches and excellent marine life in Mozambique are a particular favourite.

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