Philanthropic Travel

Philantourism - a combination of tourism and philanthropy. It is the act of choosing a holiday or experience to support a destination, thereby ensuring that travel can be a force for good.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of hedonism on holiday - in fact, we would almost insist on it - but it's a lovely thing to know that your money is going towards supporting a worthy, local cause. An excellent way to balance the two (if we say so ourselves) is by practising our concept of 'Philantourism'. Its a natural evolution of 'voluntourism', but with less of the time commitment, philantourism enables you to support a destination by simply being there. All you need to do once you have arrived is enjoy yourself and use the money that you would have been spending on your trip, in the local economy, supporting local restaurants, hotels and small businesses.

Simply put, we are suggesting consciously choosing to travel to some seriously special places that remain lovely holiday destinations, despite recent hardships. It's a win-win if ever there was one - you can enjoy an amazing adventure, while your chosen destination gets some much-needed support - both financial and moral.

Who, What, Where?

It can be tricking choosing where to go and what to do and finding out just who and where would benefit from your tourism pound/dollar - but our experts know their destinations inside out and are on hand to help you navigate this moral minefield while making sure that you are ticking off every box on your holiday wish-list.


Some countries rely on tourism far more than others (for example, roughly 40% of GDP in the Maldives comes from tourism), and sadly many destinations are down on their luck. It might have been a natural disaster, a terror attack or now, of course, the coronavirus. Of course, we would never recommend clients to travel anywhere that remains unsafe, but once those destinations have the green light to revisit, we are on hand to explain how to best benefit the place in question.

While we are on the subject of coronavirus, the lack of tourism in some destinations has led to an increase in poaching and illegal fishing. The perfect antidote to this? Philantourism, and on a bigger scale - travel can, and must be - a force for good.

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