Diving In Iceland: An Overview

To be in two places at once might seem like a miracle, but not in Iceland. Home to one of the most unique dive sites in the world, the Silfra fissure is the only place where you can dive (or snorkel) between two continental plates.

Located in Thingvellir National Park just outside of Reykjavik, Silfra is a crack between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, filled with glacial meltwater from the nearby Langjökull glacier. The result? Water so clear it surpasses Tanqueray No. Ten (think: visibility over 100 metres) and fresh enough to drink (without any gin face). But with water temperatures between two and four degrees, you will need your dry suit certification to dive here (which we can arrange either at home or in Iceland).

Move beyond Silfra and there is a wealth of other fascinating dive sites to explore all over the country, from the bubbling geothermal hot springs of Kleifarvatn lake to the fresh and salty fissure of Bjarnagjá. On the west coast, dive in the ocean at Garður to discover captivating cold water creatures (think: wolf fish and lumpsuckers) in kelp forests, or head to the east to explore "El Grillo", a British oil tanker sunk in the Second World War.

Above water, Iceland is all about raw nature. Explore dramatic fjords and glistening glaciers, thundering waterfalls and towering volcanoes, the toasty blue lagoon and extensive underground lava caves (we could go on). Visit between April and October and spot over 20 species of cetacea, including orca, minke, sperm, fin, humpback and blue whale, while between May and September, you can also see Icelandic puffins.

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