Diving and Snorkelling in Norway: An Overview

We no longer offer snorkelling in Norway, but if you would like to book a land-based Norway holiday please contact our colleagues at Original Travel.

Norway is a picture perfect country filled with bold scenery, chances to see the northern lights and did we mention polar bears? Original Diving can arrange an extremely special experience to snorkel with orcas and humpback whales in a remote fjord. Whilst not luxury this is an epic adventure.

The only trip we currently offer in Norway is a trip to snorkel with orcas and humpback whales in a remote fjord. Between December and February, thousands of orcas arrive to the herring rich waters of Northern Norway - where they herd them into 'bait balls' before stunning them by slapping their tail fins. An extraordinary experience to see these predators up close.

Our parent company, Original Travel, can offer much more such as trips to the fjords of western Norway and the Arctic island archipelago of Svalbard, both of which major in big, bold scenery. The fjord region is, quite simply, one of the most dramatic destinations anywhere in the world, while Spitsbergen, the main island in Svalbard, is a frozen landscape of glaciers, mountains and fjords full of blue icebergs - think the Scottish Highlands during an Ice Age with added polar bears and you'll get the picture.

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