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The world is over 71% water, which, if we use some quick mental arithmetic, would equate to several lifetimes to explore its magnificent depths (official). Sadly, unless you have the elixir of life (and some seriously generous annual leave) our precious holiday time is limited, so it's incredibly important to make the most of it and time your trips right.

Our experienced team of marine biologists, divemasters and travellers have studied the lunar calendars, followed the flight paths and become bona fide(ish) meteorologists to make sure you get the most out of your holiday. Want to tick off the bucket list mingling with a particular marine species? Perhaps have an epic diving and adventure trip across multiple countries? Or avoid the crowds on an exotic summer holiday? Or all of the above? Our unparalleled knowledge of the world's best diving and travel destinations will ensure you are best placed to experience the trip of a lifetime. What's more, with our portfolio of additional services, we will ensure your dream trip becomes a reality at exactly the right time with lots of extra goodies along the way.

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