Where to Dive in May

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In May more palatable weather conditions are starting to creep into southern Europe, so it's really the first month you might consider diving somewhere like Gozo or Oman, though the water will be chilly!

Diving in May

Looking further afield, there are some great diving destinations that are just coming into season such as Papua New Guinea, which enjoys a prime position in the Coral Triangle as well as world-class muck diving sites.

May is also a great time to dive the Great Barrier Reef (which is better for diving during the Aussie winter) when the sea is calm and warm and dwarfe minke whales start to arrive. Also in Australia, but on the Ningaloo Reef, whale sharks are appearing again - reason enough to travel to the other side of the world we think. Fiji is also marvellous in May, boasting technicolour soft coral reefs and thrilling bull shark diving, as well as Komodo National Park in Indonesia, which is virtually inaccessible the rest of the year.

May is the start of bait ball season in Socorro in Mexico, meaning more of everything - think mantas, sharks, whale sharks, tuna and more. Closer to shore the Sea of Cortez also welcomes the mass migration of mobula rays while over in the Galapagos, pregnant whale sharks are starting to arrive.

Top 5 Places to Go Diving in May

If you're considering a May diving holiday, add these marvellous diving destinations to the mood board, as they are undoubtedly the top five places to go diving in May.

  1. Papua New Guinea - Papua New Guinea is emerging into season bright and bushy, with sunny skies and superb diving - it is in the Coral Triangle, after all
  2. Galapagos - Ever seen a pregnant whale shark? Head to the Galapagos in May and dive with whale sharks the size of a bus as they arrive in Wolf and Darwin. Scientists speculate that they may give birth here, although it has yet to be witnessed
  3. Indonesia - Grab your fins and mask as May marks the beginning of diving season at Komodo National Park, where you can see anything from marvellous macro life to massive manta rays, with colourful coral guaranteed
  4. Fiji - Embrace the island life blissfully marooned on the white sandy beaches of Fiji, while beneath the waves an explosion of colour awaits. It is the 'soft coral capital of the world', after all.
  5. Mexico - May sees hundreds of mobula rays arrive in the Sea of Cortez, not to mention orcas alongside resident sea lions, jacks, sharks and more. Apt, considering it is the 'Aquarium of the World'.
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May is the beginning of the diving season in Komodo National Park and one of the best times to dive with calm waters, great visibility and incredible marine life, all without the crowds.

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