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Fiji is a magical and beautiful place above and below the water, from waterfalls to the rainbow reef, it is full of lovely welcoming people and enchanting landscape, with superb world-class diving thrown in!

Emily C - Original Diver

Emily Chappell

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I have extensive travel experience throughout Caribbean, Maldives, Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Mexico.

My travels

Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Dive Raja Ampat, preferably on a liveaboard
  • Snorkel with marine iguanas in the Galapagos
  • Visit the National Parks of Madagascar to see the Lemurs
  • Undertake an expedition to Peru, covering the Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca & the Peruvian Amazon

Best Moments

  • Witnessing coral spawning for the first time in Curacao. The explosion of life was inspiring and magical. It is not only the spectacle of the spawning that impresses in the complete darkness, but the explosion of activity and life that comes with it. Tarpons, sharks and all manner of predatory fish come to the scene when the corals spawn. The gametes rise in the water column in slow motion and it is a peaceful, but active spectacle to behold!
  • Having two mantas swim directly toward me on a dive in the North Male Atoll in the Maldives. We spent a drift dive observing all kinds of life; from schools of bannerfish in the blue, to tiny macro life like porcelain crabs, feeding in the current amongst anemones. Then, when the time was right, we hooked onto some boulders on the upper wall and there were two mantas circling a pinnacle cleaning station. We observed, hovering in the current for moments, before they decided cleaning time was over and then they both came soaring toward me, casting a large shadow over the top of my head as they went above me. I was tearing up in my mask - first time crying underwater!
  • Visiting Fiji in general was a highlight for me. Never in my years did I think I would have the opportunity to travel there, and the country is full of wonderful and glorious people. It is a little taste of old Blighty, but has a completely unique culture as well. Friendliness and kindness are a natural way of living there.

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Witnessing the coral bleaching from start to finish when in the Maldives. My earlier dives there were a sight to behold and by the time my 6 month position was over, many of the once bountiful sites were devoid of life and it was like seeing an underwater graveyard. This process does happen naturally and corals can recover from bleaching if temperatures return to their 'normal.'

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Having a relaxing dinner in our beach hotel in Kenya. At around 9:30pm we heard African drumming and thought that a band was going to come and play. The waitress then came over to our table and asked us "Do you hear that music?" We reply "Yes, what is it? It is beautiful". The waitress then bluntly says "That sound means it's time to leave!".

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