St Vincent & The Grenadines

Diving in St Vincent and the Grenadines: An Overview

St Vincent and the Grenadines is an archipelago in the Southern Caribbean comprising of 32 islands, including Mustique, Bequia and Petit St Vincent. Endless stretches of white sand. Tick. Gin clear water. Tick. Idyllic island life. Tick. This is a true Caribbean jewel.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Part of the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed in St Vincent & The Grenadines, so grab your eye patch and compass and explore the islands. Remember, X marks the spot
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau has opened a dive centre here which gives you some indication of the quality of the diving
  • This is the Caribbean as it should be - low key, laid back and luxurious without resorting to the whole bling thing

Our Guide to Diving Holidays in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Mustique was originally made famous last century as a retreat for the rich and famous. As a private island (well, technically it's on a long term lease from the government) Mustique remains one of the most exclusive retreats in the Caribbean, and at just three miles long and a mile and a half wide has an extremely high celeb-per-square foot rating.

Don't let that put you off, though. This is a genuinely beautiful island, and we can arrange stays at either the island's tiny hotel or a villa rental for those keen on a slice of the celebritocracy lifestyle. Say hi to Mick for us when you're there.

Bang next door to Mustique is Bequia (pronounced Beck-way), which provides a different Caribbean experience. The island encapsulates the essential Caribbean charm, with stunning coastlines, fantastic local restaurants, and even better locals who tend to treat visitors like long lost friends. Original Diving highly recommends this hidden and undiscovered gem of an island. The diving isn't bad either!

In the same group of island lies Petit St Vincent, a tiny island just 2 miles long consisting of private cottages. Techies beware - there are no telephones, internet or televisions in the cottages, with the sole purpose being to escape from everyday life. However, this does also mean no crowds, and guests can be certain that they will enjoy the exclusive retreat in peace. There is also a Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Centre here which gives you some indication of the quality of the diving.

There is excellent diving both in the direct vicinity of Petit St Vincent and the surrounding islands. Dive into the famous Bat Cave, try wreck diving, or photograph an amazing variety of marine creatures. This is excellent Caribbean diving with healthy coral and good marine life, mainly macro.

From easy shallow reef dives to drift dives, wreck dives and even cave dives there is a lot to offer in the local dive sites you will get the chance to visit. Most dive sites are just a short boat ride away (5mins to 30mins from Petit St Vincent). The real beauty of diving here is the variety of critters on show: frogfish, seahorses, colourful molluscs, crustaceans, anemones, tunicates, nurse sharks, lobsters, octopus and squid. Visiting squadrons of eagle rays and manta rays are frequently sighted, and patrolling reef sharks and barracuda add an element of excitement.

The destination is home to so many critters because it has a variety of underwater habitats including walls, rock formations, coral reefs, sandy slopes and beds of sea grass - each attracting its own unique form of life.

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Petit St Vincent

Petit St Vincent

St Vincent & The Grenadines

Just 50 years ago Petit St Vincent was a scruffy and run-down, uninhabited island. Queue Haze Richardson, a legendary Caribbean sailor, and the island was transformed into one of the most exciting of the Caribbean islands. Since his death in 2008, it has enjoyed further restoration, putting it on the map as one of the most illustrious and exclusive Caribbean hideaways.

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