Coral Diving in Grenada

On the island nation of Grenada, located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea, the sweet smells of nutmeg and mace pervade the island as calypso and reggae beats float on the cooling Caribbean breeze. Grenada is quintessentially Caribbean, and with an abundance of wrecks, healthy reefs and an underwater sculpture park, it is one of the top dive spots in the West Indies. With hammerheads and eagle rays cruising the nutrient-rich channels and a wide variety of hard and soft corals sheltering frogfish and seahorses on the reefs, the coral diving in Grenada is among the best in the Caribbean.

The Bianca C wreck, known as the 'Titanic of the Caribbean', is the most famous of the many wreck dives in Grenada, but in terms of coral cover, the shallower Veronica L wreck serves as a better advocate for coral diving in Grenada. We also love hunting for seahorses at Molinere Reef and spotting French angelfish darting among the coral at Purple Rain, and we would love to help you experience the underwater delights of this family-friendly Caribbean getaway.

Divers of all levels can enjoy the colourful coral diving in Grenada, while some of the deeper sites and wrecks are better suited to experienced divers. On land, Grenada offers stunning beaches, rum distilleries and nutmeg plantations to keep you entertained during your surface intervals, while a visit in August will enable you to witness the island at its most vibrant, as its people celebrate the annual Carnival in true Caribbean style.

Veronica L Wreck

While the Bianca C is listed as one of the top ten wreck dives in the world by several diving publications, Grenada's shallower wrecks have more vibrant coral cover. The wreck of the Veronica L has been below the waves for almost thirty years, and its shallow depth (15 metres) has allowed corals to flourish. The structure is encrusted with hard corals and sponges, and there's always the chance to spot a seahorse or a frogfish seeking refuge on the wreck.

Purple Rain

The dive site's name is derived from the numerous creole wrasse darting to and fro above the coral garden. A dive at Purple Rain usually involves a gentle drift past whip corals and giant barrel sponges as you keep an eye out for seahorses and morays hiding among the colourful corals. Purple Rain is also a great night dive, when the reef's true colours are highlighted by torchlight.

Molinere Reef

Molinere Reef is located within Grenada's Marine Protected Area, adjacent to the Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park. The reef is a great example of the fine coral diving in Grenada, and the series of gullies and ridges is home to an array of critters, including jawfish, seahorses and frogfish.

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