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Europe is the quintessential summer destination for British travellers and July is a fabulous month to dive in places like Gozo, the Azores and Sardinia. There are still plenty of reasons to head further afield though...

Diving in July

The Galapagos experiences the Humboldt Current which brings cold water, rich in nutrients and plankton, and attracts fish and birds and makes for great - if chilly - diving. On the other side of the world the weather and diving conditions are perfect in Indonesia and Borneo; a great time to experience the wonder that is Sipadan.

The manta rays and whale sharks are well and truly settled in around the Maldives and cropping up all over the place like Ningaloo Reef in Australia, Mexico, Belize - if you know where to look (hint: that's where we come in).

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July may be a lovely month to stay at home, with destinations like Tanzania, Indonesia, the Galapagos and Australia beckoning, we know where we'd rather be...


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