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Rachel - Original Diver

Rachel Gaw

Rachel Gaw

Original Travel Expert

I have extensive travel experience throughout Mexico, Bahamas, Madagascar, Malta and Gozo.

My travels

Raja Ampat

Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Scuba dive in Raja Ampat, Indonesia and observe the incredible biodiversity.
  • Go on a liveaboard trip to the Socorro Islands of Mexico to find schools of hammerhead sharks.
  • Explore the ancient, archaeological city of Petra in Jordan.
  • Drive over the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia.
coral spawning

Best Moments

  • Hiking and camping in one of Madagascar's incredible national parks. We woke up and our tent was surrounded by lemurs!
  • Witnessing a coral spawning event in Mexico, it was like a clip from a national geographic documentary!
  • Surfing Africa's longest wave in Imsouane, Morocco at sunset
  • Exploring Beijing's Forbidden City.

Toughest Travel Moment

  • I had an appendicitis in Thailand. Ouch!
diver and coral

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • I once received a tour of Sihanoukville, Cambodia by two local hospital staff - in the ambulance! They even took me to the local monkey sanctuary (it must have been a slow workday).

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