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Here we present the range of Original Diving's top luxury diving holidays around the world. This contains many of the destinations originally researched for the best-selling Dive in Style first and second editions.

Tim Simond published the first edition of the Dive in Style book in 2006 and it quickly became a best-seller. During our research for the book we looked at hundreds of potential destinations, whittling them down until only the very best remained. These resorts formed the basis of the book and the travel business. To celebrate the success of the first book, and to mark the launch of the second edition in 2010, we launched Dive in Style, the tour operator. With so many of the hotels and the boats featured in the book extremely complicated to reach, we teamed up with award-winning travel company Original Travel to make the diving dreams on the pages of the book an effortless reality.

Until February 2012, our company name was Dive in Style and we focused exclusively on luxurious hotels around the world where you could not only do fantastic diving but also stay in style. Now, as Original Diving, that remains at the core of what we do and the holidays listed on this page represent the most luxurious places around the world where you can dive, snorkel or just relax.

You can buy the second edition of the Dive in Style book in our Shop.

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Jacqui and Tom are our 'Dive in Style' experts and as seasoned travellers they have the inside track on the most memorable adventures.

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