This small, private island - just a mile long by half a mile across - was abandoned in the 1970s following the collapse of the coconut industry. Now home to one of the planets most luxurious and unusual island lodges, North Island is home to just 11 vast and truly original suites.

North Island is now devoted to providing the ultimate desert-island experience and to a conservation project aimed at restoring its indigenous flora and fauna.

The ultra-luxurious North Island Lodge is the only one on the island, and with so few guest villas, ensures an exclusive and tranquil atmosphere.

Each of the extremely comfortable and vast villas on North Island has a private deck, a plunge pool, ocean views and an electric buggy for exploring the island. North Island has four white-sand beaches, a large freshwater pool and a spa perched high above the beach with stunning views of the ocean.

As for activities, there is good snorkelling around the island and neighbouring Silhouette Island, and a fully equipped dive centre offers instruction and access to some of the best dive sites. Sea kayaking, fishing and boat trips to other islands are also available. On land, you can explore North Island on foot or by mountain bike. Apart from its small population of (extremely grateful) humans, at certain times of year the highly endangered Hawksbill turtles return to lay their eggs in the soft sand of North Island's beautiful beaches.

Last but not least, top class cuisine is an integral part of the North Island experience. Menus are created by the chef each day according to guests' preferences, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

Why We Love It
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If North Island is good enough for a royal honeymoon, surely it's good enough for the rest of us (though we suppose that depends on your views on the monarchy!).

Nick, Original Diver

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