Where to Dive in April

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April is the last month of the dry season in the Maldives (though off-season is better for whale sharks and mantas so it's not all bad) and things are starting to change out west in Central America and in parts of the Far East (last call for the Philippines!). While the weather's already turned in East Africa.

Diving in April

For the best diving in Indonesia in April, you simply can't beat Alor, where diving consists of beautiful coral reefs, muck diving and even a bubbling volcano site. It's also the perfect time to visit the Middle East with the old favourite of Egypt not yet too hot to bear - whether diving straight from the shores or liveaboard diving the Red Sea's more remote sites it's guaranteed to delight. And then there's Oman, the quintessential Original Diving favourite and perfect for couples and families alike with its guaranteed sunshine, relatively short flight time and epic adventures both above and below water.

When it comes to marine life hotspots, those whale sharks are still well and truly active in Australia and you still have a chance of hammerhead sharks in Tikehau in French Polynesia and Bimini in the Bahamas.

Top 5 Places To Go Diving in April

For an unforgettable April diving holiday, we've rounded up some of the best destinations to go diving in April.

  1. Caribbean - April is your last chance to swim alongside North Atlantic humpback whales at Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic, accessed by liveaboard from Turks & Caicos
  2. Mexico - Whale sharks are starting to arrive at Socorro in April, alongside both species of manta ray, bottlenose dolphins and sharks galore
  3. Egypt - Diving in the Red Sea in April is a great option as it's not to hot and the diving is spectacularly varied, with incredibly colourful coral reefs, WWII wrecks and a mammoth amount of marine life
  4. Indonesia - Head to the remote island of Alor to experience some of Indonesia's finest diving without the crowds, with world-class muck diving sites, pristine coral reefs and even a bubbling volcano to explore
  5. Oman - Brimming with adventure both above and below water, head to Oman in April to dive on spectacular fishy reefs around the Daymaniyat Islands, hike the spectacular Hajar Mountain range and explore bustling souqs on an epic Arabian adventure
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For the travellers who don't plan their Easter bank holidays early, this is a great month to grab some early summer sun in the Middle East or North Africa.

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