Muck Diving in Indonesia

So, it’s holiday time again and you’ve decided to go small and enjoy the wonderful world of muck diving. Indonesia has been at the top of muck divers’ bucket lists for many a year, and never disappoints. It's no surprise that the muck diving in Indonesia is among the best in the world, given its location at the heart of the Coral Triangle. From the recently-discovered psychedelic frogfish to perennial favourites like the pygmy seahorse, Indonesia has it all. The question is not ‘should I go muck diving in Indonesia?’, but ‘where should I go muck diving in Indonesia?’

Luckily, our team of dive travel specialists have already done the hard miles for you. From Sulawesi to Sumba, and from Aceh to Timor, we've scoured the sand, pored over the pristine corals and fawned over countless frogfish to identify the best locations for you to enjoy the muck diving of Indonesia.

If you are wondering where to find mimic octopus and wonderpus, or the psychedelic frogfish and skeleton shrimp, read through our top muck diving destinations in Indonesia to find the best itinerary for you. Simply pack your camera charger and magnifying glass while we take care of the details to make your muck diving in Indonesia trip one that you will never forget.


Far from the madding crowd, on the edge of the Banda Sea, is the muck diving mecca of Alor. The volcanic sand is home to myriad bizarre and exquisite critters, from Bobbit worms to Coleman shrimp, and if you can keep one eye on the blue, there's always the chance of passing hammerheads.


If you have ever wondered what a frogfish would look like should you hit it in the face with a frying pan, then Ambon has the answer. The newly-discovered, flat-faced psychedelic frogfish of Ambon are a sight to behold, and are dubbed the new Holy Grail of underwater photography as they are only found in the waters surrounding Ambon.


Avid divers flock to the diverse dive sites of Bali, armed with large cameras and almost-as-large macro lenses, intent on ticking off bucket list critters as they scan the sand for surprises. From the warm waters in the shadow of Mount Agung to the cooler currents swirling around Penida and Lembongan in the south, Bali's diverse dive conditions allow for sightings of orangutan crabs, pygmy seahorses and a plethora of multi-coloured nudibranchs. And there's always the possibility of a mola mola appearing out of the blue.


At the top of every serious muck diver's bucket list is the Lembeh Strait. This stretch of water splits Lembeh Island from North Sulawesi and is densely populated with some of the most fantastic and freakish fish on the planet. Flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish and mimic octopuses will all be vying for your camera's attention. Just don't forget to recharge the battery between dives.


Another renowned location for muck diving in Indonesia is the welcoming water of Wakatobi. With pristine reefs and seamounts to compliment the muck dives, Wakatobi is famed for its marine biodiversity. Boasting arguably the best house reef in the world and with unlimited shore diving available, your camera will probably need a holiday to recover after your trip.

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