Ambon Diving Holidays: An Overview

The Spice Island of Ambon remains a well-kept secret despite being one of the best muck diving locations in the world.

While there are a number of colourful coral dive sites around the island, the real clincher lies in the world-class muck diving at Ambon Bay. Divers who make the pilgrimage here are in for a real treat, with a mix of black sand; jetty and wreck sites harbouring macro creatures galore, including rhinopias, frogfish (including the rare psychedelic frogfish which was first discovered here); bobtail squid; blue-ringed octopus; nudibranchs; bobbit worms and even bamboo sharks. Divers can also explore white muck sites, a nice variant from the usual black sand seabed so often seen when muck diving.

There are also some marvellous coral-covered sites to the east and south coasts, including interesting caves, cliffs, archways and seamounts to explore with plenty of pelagics (think: sharks, rays and grouper).

While the diving here is phenomenal in its own right, many intrepid divers combine Ambon with a liveaboard trip to dive the remote Banda Sea, exploring some of the most remote, pristine sites in all of Indonesia.

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