Alor Diving Holidays: An Overview

Never has 'off the beaten track' been more apt than in relation to Alor. Long admired in hushed tones by seasoned divers, few places on earth sport such mind-boggling marine diversity paired with so few tourists - this really is the final frontier.

Located between Flores and the Sawoe Sea and comprised of 20 islands, the Alor archipelago is located in the Coral Triangle and is home to some of the most varied diving we've encountered in a single location - with over 50 dive spots (so far) stretching from Alor Island to Pantar Island.

Best known for spectacular coral and muck diving, spot technicolour macro critters in volcanic sands, sharks and sea snakes over healthy coral reefs and anything in between - with scalloped hammerheads even sighted. Pantar Strait in particular houses some of the best dive sites in Alor and is currently in the process of becoming a National Park. Not to mention that blue whales have been known to migrate through the area at certain times of the year.

It is worth noting that currents can be strong so the diving is more suited to experienced divers, however, snorkelling is also possible over certain coral reefs in the Pantar Strait.

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