Known as the 'Isle of Spice', due to its large production of nutmeg, Grenada occupies 133 square miles of coveted land and consists of three islands: Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. This luscious island country is considered the shipwreck capital of the Caribbean with a grand total of 15 wrecks to explore, so it's no wonder then that Grenada is one of our favourite dive spots in the Caribbean.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • The island is home to the world's first underwater dive sculpture park and artificial reef, built in 2006, which was the brain child of artist and diver Jason deCaires Taylor after a hurricane wiped out much of the coral reef
  • The water averages 26°C/79°F in winter and 28°C/83°F in summer making for lovely all year round diving conditions
  • Eels, nurse and reef sharks, sting rays, turtles, great barracuda's, frogfish and nudibranchs are just some of the marine life waiting to be logged

Our Guide to Diving in Grenada

The best diving is primarily along the west and south coast, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean and, as such, the variety of diving available covers a range suitable for everyone. The Bubblemakers can take their first plunge in warm waters, the inexperienced can explore the colourful coral gardens and shallow reefs and the experienced can enjoy adrenaline fuelled drift dives and deep wreck explorations. Speaking of which, the Bianca C resides here and, due to her size, is considered to be the Caribbean's titanic so we fully expect all you advanced divers to float to the bow and flay your arms back in true DiCaprio-Winslet style.

Above the waves, the soft-sand and near empty beaches are reason alone to visit. The island is also famous for its spices (all hail the nutmeg) and annual carnival. In 1783 nutmeg replaced sugar as the main crop after the British took the island from the French and today the island supplies approximately 20% of the world's market. As for the carnival, this lavish annual affair occupies ten days of the year in August and sees a medley of colour, music and ancient traditions paraded through the streets creating a party not to be missed. All in all Grenada is the perfect Caribbean destination for beach bums and aqua adventurers alike.

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