Beginner Diving in Grenada

The south-east corner of the Caribbean Sea is home to a charming group of islands carpeted by lush jungle and famed not only for its production of spices, rum and chocolate, but also its beautiful dive spots. The island nation of Grenada is comprised of three volcanic islands—Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique—and is home to some of the Caribbean’s best beginner diving. There is an abundance of colourful coral gardens and shallow reefs to enjoy, while the island’s location at the convergence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea ensures an eclectic and fascinating variety of marine life, meaning beginner diving in Grenada is never boring.

If Grenada's white-sand beaches, historical forts and rum distilleries aren't enough to conjure images of the Pirates of the Caribbean, then a dive on one of the many wrecks surely will. Grenada boasts a dozen diveable shipwrecks, many of which are shallower than 20 metres and accessible to less-experienced divers. The majority of the beginner diving in Grenada centres around the island's south-west corner, near Grand Anse Bay on the Caribbean side of the island. Grand Anse Bay is a Marine Protected Area with a no-fishing zone, which ensures healthy fish life on the protected reefs. Octopus, frogfish and seahorses can be found hiding among the colourful corals, while you may also stumble across a nurse shark napping under a coral outcrop.

As one of the Caribbean's greener islands, the island of Grenada also has plenty to see and do on land. Spend the day hiking through national parks searching for stunning waterfalls, watching leatherback turtles nesting on Levera Beach, or indulging yourself in Grenada's House of Chocolates or the River Antoine Royal Rum Distillery, which is the oldest water-propelled distillery still in operation in the Caribbean. For that quintessential Caribbean experience, head to Grenada in August to enjoy Spice Mas, Grenada's annual carnival.

The beginner diving in Grenada is just one of the many reasons we love this island nation. While the island is classically Caribbean, it's also uniquely Grenadian. Idyllic beaches lined with coconut trees, rum cocktails and clear blue waters typify the Caribbean, while a dive at the Underwater Sculpture Park, followed by a local hot chocolate as the scent of nutmeg fills the air, is pure Grenada.

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