Where to Dive in September

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With the kids back at school, Europe becomes a child-free zone for those going on holiday in September. Speaking honestly, September can be a tricky month for travel because many region are either just coming to the end of their high seasons, or not quite there yet. Lucky for you, we know all the best places to go...

Diving in September

There's still a chance of witnessing hundreds of hammerheads while diving off Cocos Island in Costa Rica, while in the Galapagos, the water might be cooler, but divers will get to see whale sharks, Galapagos penguins and the ginormous mola mola (or ocean sunfish).

Our old favourite, Indonesia remains excellent from a weather and diving perspective - now is a great time for a liveaboard in Komodo as soon the weather will be changing. Not to mention you can still spot the elusive mola mola off Bali. Under the radar Alor also has fantastic coral and muck diving, without the crowds.

September is the last month for good weather while diving in Fiji, the same goes for the Azores. Watch the pitter patter of baby sea turtles as they make their great escape to the ocean in the Maldives, while octopus mating season starts in the Philippines.

Head to the Musandam peninsula in Oman in September to dive the dramatic fjords, while closer to home (for us Brits, anyway), the Red Sea in Egypt boasts phenomenal coral diving, wrecks and marine life.

Diving in September is the last month for virtually guaranteed whale sharks off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and off the Tanzanian and Mozambican coasts you can dive with the sound of whales which is pretty special.

Top 5 Places to Go Diving in September

Lengthen the summer sunshine by jetting off to some seriously spectacular diving destinations. Discover the best places to go diving in September.

  1. The Philippines - September marks the beginning of octopus mating season in the Philippines, a rare spectacle not to be missed
  2. Bonaire - Visit Bonaire in September for the unique opportunity to witness a coral spawning diving straight from the islands shores
  3. Egypt - September is a great time to visit the Red Sea, where divers are guaranteed pristine hard and soft coral reefs, fascinating wrecks (think: the Thistlegorm WW2 wreck) and the whole spectrum of marine life, from Spanish dancer nudibranch to oceanic white tip sharks
  4. Gozo - A summer of heating has made Gozo and Malta's surrounding sea beautifully warm to dive in. Add to that crystal clear visibility and fantastic wrecks (not to mention a whole heap of activities on land) for a truly epic September getaway
  5. Fiji - September is the last month of glorious weather in Fiji, and with thinner crowds, divers can explore the rainbow reefs that carpet the archipelago in blissful solitude. Not to forget the famous bull shark dive (you'll have to ask us why...) and a whole heap of epic land adventures
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To snorkel with whale sharks in September, you can’t beat liveaboard diving in Cenderawasih Bay in Indonesia, where close encounters with these gentle giants is virtually guaranteed.

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