Northern Sulawesi Diving Holidays: An Overview

The diving in Sulawesi is fantastic, all from boats, and aside from some 50 local sites in the Bunaken National Park, there are also the joys of Lembeh if you want to dip your toe into the muck diving capital of the world.

When diving in Sulawesi the visibility is generally good, the coral is in excellent health and the fish life is primarily macro - you don't come to this part of Indonesia for the big stuff. This is where you can most likely find critters such as frogfish, blue ringed octopus, pygmy sea horse, mimic octopus…the list goes on.

Away from the water you can go on day trips to see the world's smallest mammal, the tarsier, white-water rafting and various other activities but all mean a trip to the mainland and therefore a day trip.

One of the beauties of diving in Sulawesi is that, unlike many parts of Indonesia, it is easily accessible as there are regular direct flights from Singapore. This means that it can get very busy in the summer months but time your trip right and you get accessible, world-class diving at a great price.

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A Note on Price

All of our holidays are completely tailor-made and prices will vary based on things like when in the year you will be travelling, how far in advance you book, the class of flights included and the level of accommodation you choose. The guide prices shown across this website are designed to provide you with a broad indication of how much to budget for your trip.

Itinerary Suggestions

Singapore to Sulawesi

14 Days

From 3,565pp

Highlights of North Sulawesi: Colourful Corals and Wonderful Wall Diving in Lembeh, Tangkoko National Park and Siladen

15 Days

From 6,410pp