If you love to go with the flow and be pushed along the reef by the ocean’s currents, then a visit to one of the world’s premier drift diving locations to watch the underwater world pass by your mask should feature highly on your bucket list. From relaxing, gentle drifts along coral-covered walls to adrenaline-inducing reef-hook dives, the world of drift diving is as varied as it is fun, and our team of dive specialists have pinpointed some of the world’s best drift diving destinations for you to explore.

The low-lying islands of the Maldives are fringed by stunning coral gardens and deep walls to drift along. The colourful soft corals - expect an array of reds, yellows and purples - pass by as a glance into the blue reveals sharks and rays enjoying the currents too. The idyllic islets house luxurious hotels, and the channels between them help to create the currents that will push you along as you marvel at the marine life on show.

Visitors to Palau arrive dreaming of the infamous sharky currents at Blue Corner and leave longing for one more drift along the mesmerising Ulong Channel. The home of the reef hook, Palau and its Rock Islands sit atop uninterrupted walls which are coated in soft coral and patrolled by large pelagics. The rocky outcrops provide the perfect platforms for hooking on, and as your reef hook keeps your position, scores of grey reef sharks ride the currents before your very eyes.

Venture down to the south Pacific to be rewarded with sharks patrolling the current-rich passes and channels. Far from the madding crowds, the islands of French Polynesia are home to some of the most luxuriant hotels, and drift diving the pristine reefs with abundant marine life will leave you longing for more.

The sprawling Indonesian archipelago is comprised of more than 17,000 islands and is home to some of the world's premier drift diving sites. Few places in the modern world conjure images of dragons, yet Komodo National Park does just that and more. When Komodo's currents are running, the big boys below the surface come out to play. Reef sharks, eagle rays and mantas swim effortlessly in the swirling eddies as you drift on by in awe.

Our team can help you plan your perfect drift diving getaway to some of the world's most spectacular reefs. We love drifting along these pristine walls and channels, and we can assist you in reading the tide charts to ensure the currents are running when you reach your dream drift diving destination...

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